Soon the prices of new consoles and graphics cards will return to normal?

Scalping is cancer that successively eats away more cells in healthy commercial practices. The phenomenon affects more and more markets, but in recent times, the biggest impact has been made on products from the electronics department, especially when it comes to next-generation game consoles.

The term “scalper” originally came from the investment industry, but is now used almost everywhere thanks to its large size. A “scalper” is a person who buys a ready-made, often limited in availability product cheaper – to resell it at a profit.

Scalping is gaining in importance every month, especially if we take into account the crisis in many markets, e.g. semiconductors, and everything that is related to it. A group of lawmakers from the US democratic wing decided to throw the gauntlet of scalpers who are increasingly bold in their actions.

On Monday, politicians announced a new initiative under the “Stopping Grinch Bots Act”. It aims to deal with cyber bots, which quickly catch any opportunity on the market, buy products cheaply, and then resell them much more expensive.

The immediate point initiating such action is the fact that the latest consoles are not available on many markets, as well as graphics cards for computers and other electronics. All the evil associated with the disturbance of the market on this plane is attributed to ruthless scalpers.

Politicians called for support for the project and the adoption of a new law in order to level the playing field and fight scalpers who operate extensively in many markets.


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