Soon you will see what Minecraft Caves & Cliffs looks like!

The Caves & Cliffs update was announced a long time ago. Broken into two parts, she made many loyal fans wait for her impatiently. Patch 1.18 premieres today.

Minecraft is a game that is constantly evolving and tries to attract players with newer and newer improvements. In 2022, The Wild Update is waiting for us, and today players will be able to check how Cliffs & Caves looks like.

What have the game developers prepared?

The Caves & Cliffs update introduces many changes in generating a virtual, angular world. You will encounter impressive mountain massifs, which are to be characterized by greater realism, and what is more, they will be different – covered with forest, snow, but also with rocky, steep slopes. However, not only these views will change. The area has also been enriched with caves with vast caverns, narrow tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites.

Initially, Warden and the Deep Dark biome were expected to appear in 1.18, but they have been moved to patch 1.19.

You can also hear about the new products on the video prepared by the creators:

Launch the video

The premiere of the update is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. our time.

Have you been waiting for this update?

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