Sophie Turner’s face the wolves and the avalanche of new truck Models


Another century’s episodeseries , on the platform of the streaming Quibihe won a full cinematic trailer, which showcases some of the story of Jane, the protagonist, lived through Sophie Turner (X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black; Game of Thrones), a little girl about it, a few moments before attempting suicide on a plane, survive a plane crash on the side of Paul,Corey Hawkins). Together, the two have to fight against nature in order to find a way back to their houses and watch them from above.

The series will show the two survivors of a plane crash stranded on a cold and mountainous and you have to fight for their lives in the face of the nature of the trauma and personal.

Another century’s episode it is produced by Quibi, a platform for streaming of the proposal is to deliver a production with episodes for 7 to 10 minutes. The name of the service is a shortened form of the phrase quick bitesor, “portions of the fast” in a free translation. The live stream will be released on the 6th of April.



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