Soriana sells the best stain-removing liquid laundry soap as a gift

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Washing clothes in a washing machine is convenient and practical… but sometimes it’s not so effective at removing stains. If this happens to you, we’ll tell you about the liquid soap that’s most effective at removing stains, and Soriana is dirt cheap.

And, in order for consumers to always make the best purchase, ZipFlix, a company dedicated to product reviews and statistics, took on the task of reviewing different brands of liquid soap.

Ranking number one among the 10 best liquid soaps is the brand Viva, which you can buy in Soriana for only 125 pesos in 4.65 liters.

What makes Viva Liquid Soap so special?

According to the experts at ZipFlix, Viva Liquid Soap delivers up to 50% more freshening power, leaving your clothes smelling amazingly fresh and clean.

It removes grease, dirt and food stains to ensure impeccable laundry without leaving a trace of dirt behind. It is also phosphate-free, which makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the downsides to this soap is that while its overall stain-removing formula is outstanding, it may sometimes be necessary to use another specific product to remove very persistent stains.

Another possible drawback is that Viva’s liquid detergent may be too strong for people who are sensitive to strong odors.

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