Sorrento, Vertice 360 ​​presents itself at the cinema

The new movie player 360 Summit presented himself to the public at the professional days in Sorrento, organized by Anec. A presentation led by Francis Marchetti, Chief Marketing Advisor of Vertice 360, who recounted the international strength of this group: «Vertice 360 ​​has existed for 20 years in the Spanish market, where it has witnessed very rapid growth, and belongs to the holding company Squirrel Media (listed on the Stock Exchange), which includes over 30 companies within it. We distribute films in 34 countries and we also have an advertising agency and a media center».

Summit 360 presented the trailers of 5 films coming to the big screen:
– the horror The Offering
– the action with Pierce Brosnan Fast Charlie
– the action with John Cena Freelancer
– the horror The Piper
– the action The Expendables 4

Film previews include the following titles:
Mothers’ instinct with Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain (March)
The Bricklayer with Araron Eckart and Nina Dobrev (April)
The Enforcer with Antonio Banderas (February)
In the land of saints and sinners with Liam Neeson (May)
– Black Flies with Sean Penn and Tye Sheridan (Summer)

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