SOS Combate à Fome Movement distributes health equipment

Collectors of recyclable materials are at risk on the streets.

Glass, cans, and other materials can cause injuries and accidents. To provide additional safety to these workers, members of the SOS Combate à Fome Movement will be distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) to cart drivers in Villa His Torres this Saturday, September 9th.

In addition to the basic food baskets, 200 PPE kits will be delivered. Each kit includes safety shoes with non-slip soles, socks, gloves and a reflective vest.

The City Council estimates that there are currently approximately 1,500 recyclable collectors in Curitiba. They are experts in working informally and negotiating materials directly with recycling companies. Because they often handle hazardous materials on the street, they are exposed to contact with chemical waste, contaminated organic waste, hospital waste, sharp materials, broken glass, wood chips, and other Brazil, actually the state of Paraná As previously reported, some groups have chosen to establish cooperatives in the CIC, such as Novo Amanhesser.

According to the Curitiba Environment Agency, collection companies are responsible for collecting 86% of everything recycled in the city. The capital of Parana state currently recycles 22% of its waste. This is the highest recycling rate in the country. In São Paulo, for example, only 7% of trash is recycled. Still, this figure is still considered low, and the goal is to reach 30%, which corresponds to an increase in income for these workers.

To donate

SOS Combate à Fome Movement distributes 2,000 basic food baskets every month to vulnerable people in Curitiba. To do this, we rely on donations from the community. Food, blankets, and hygiene products can be donated directly to the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Chapel, Rua Guabirotuba, 770, Vila Torres. For other donations, please contact the movement’s coordinator, Father Joaquin Parlon, at 4199963-2350.

Delivery of PPE to Carter
Saturday, September 9, 2023, 10 a.m.
Location: Nossa Senhora Aparecida Chapel – Rua Guabirotuba, 770, Vila Torres

Editing: Pedro Carano

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