Soulslike Inspired by Bloodborne and Hollow Knight Coming Soon (but There Is to Wait)

Bloodborne is certainly one of the most loved soulslike ever, just as the equally famous Hollow Knight has a really passionate fanbase on his side.

Moving away from classic FromSoftware 3D titles, such as Dark Souls or  Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, someone seems to have taken the two aforementioned titles and merged them into a fascinating two-dimensional title.

It is not the first time that a new soulslike inspired by “other” hit the market, as a game that winks at Legacy of Kain and  Salt and Sanctuary is coming for the month of August.

After all, after the reveal of  Salt and Sacrifice, interest in this genre of titles seems to have increased dramatically.

Crowsworn is in fact what would come out if we put Hollow Knight and Bloodborne in a blender, with a pretty clean sprinkle of Devil May Cry too.

The developer Mongoose Rodeo, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign (the game has in fact doubled its initial goal), seems to have succeeded.

It’s not hard to understand why this hype: set up as a 2D Metroidvania with souls mechanicsCrowsworn appears to have a large number of arrows in its bow.

After waking up in the wonderful interconnected world of Fearannal“a world destined for perpetual penance because of the sins of its fathers”, in the role of the protagonist who came out of a coffin we will be called to kill every enemy we will face, exploring various matrix locations gothic.

The guns and the scythe – which seem to come directly from Hellsing, the manga written and drawn by Kōta Hirano – are just the tip of an indie that seems to offer just as many delights as regards the game system, rather rich and interesting.

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, also the creator of Unworthy, has announced that the game is scheduled to launch on PC and consoles in late 2023, with a lot of additional content planned.

Speaking again of Bloodborne, some players – years after the game’s release on PS4 – continue to discover curiosities of all kinds, like the boss cut from the final version.

But not only that: someone has found a location never seen before, escaped the eyes of the community despite the many hours of play.

Speaking instead of Metroidvania, it is impossible not to mention Metroid Dread, the next chapter in the adventures of Samus Aran announced on the occasion of E3 2021 .

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