Sousa attacks journalists. “You can manipulate public opinion” The Polish National Team

Recall: Poland already had a guaranteed participation in the play-offs to the World Cup, but lost a seeding in them due to a 1: 2 defeat with Hungary at the National Cup. Let’s add: by defeat at his own request, because coach Paulo Sousa gave Robert Lewandowski or Kamil Glik a rest, and he let Piotr Zieliński only after the break. Disregarding the Hungarians caused a wave of criticism to be poured out on the captain and the manager.

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Borek: Someone is trying to convince Lewandowski of this. This is absurd

Sousa unexpectedly admitted his mistake. Unexpectedly, because he initially claimed to have done the right thing. In an interview with TVP, however, he withdrew his words.

– I made this decision because I thought it was the best and I had arguments for it. But I realize it wasn’t the best decision. I would have acted differently. I could better manage Robert’s playing minutes. I could have managed the team much better against Andorra, but we can’t just talk about Lewandowski. He’s the best player in the world, but we tried something different. I was wrong, I realize, I would have done it completely differently. If I could turn back time, I would take Robert off in Andorra and put him in the starting line-up for Hungary, admitted Sousa.

Will Robert Lewandowski come back to Poland?Borek: Someone is trying to convince Lewandowski of this. This is absurd

Sousa also stuck a pin in … journalists

Some journalists accused Sousa that if Lewandowski was to play only one match in the November qualifiers, he should play against Hungary, not Andorra.

– It is ridiculous that journalists said: “why did he play with Andorra?”, “Why did he get injured?”. I don’t want to deny my decisions, I realize that I could have made better. I could have done differently and the end result would have been different. I understand the game analysis and criticism. You journalists can manipulate public opinion because public opinion is made up of what you say and what you write about, Sousa assessed.

Sousa overestimated the mentality of Poles. Sousa overestimated the mentality of Poles. “Irrational Hype Around Cash”

Playoffs for the World Cup in Qatar. What, who, where and when?

The play-off pair draw will take place on Friday, November 26 at 17:00. The semi-finals will be played on March 24 and 25, 2022, and the finals will be held on March 28 and 29. Poland will play in the semi-finals against Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden or Wales.

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