Sovicille d’Estate: “Maja”, stories of women from the Maiella to the Gran Sasso

For the review Sovicille d’Estate, this evening, at 9.15 pm, appointment in the Borgo di Simignano, with the show “Maja. Stories of women from Majella to Gran Sasso ”. Free admission.

Written and performed by Francesca Camilla D’Amico, “Maja” is a great little story that looks like a photo album or a briefcase full of memories, from which come the voices of women who have crossed every day, on foot, barefoot, singing, struggling, the fields of the ‘900.

The show is entirely dedicated to the condition of women in peasant culture. A narrator actress and a basil plant, “Vasanicola”, theater and history intertwine with the threads of poetry, sonority and the Abruzzo dialect.

The “Sovicille d’Estate” Festival is promoted and financed by the Municipality of Sovicille in collaboration with the Toscana Spettacolo non-profit foundation. “A cultural proposal of absolute quality – comments the mayor Giuseppe Gugliotti – designed for residents and tourists. It is a festival that touches some of the most beautiful places in our municipality and therefore represents the ideal opportunity to visit them “.

But here are the next appointments

The circus dedicated to children and families, Saturday 23 July (7:00 pm, free admission) in San Rocco a Pilli: on stage the Giulivo clown baloon show by and with David Bianchi, aka Giulivo the clown. A hilarious and impactful show, designed for children and their families. David Bianchi aka Giulivo the Clown experimented with various forms of art, before realizing that his true vocation was to be a Clown: from theater to comics, from acting to juggling, from acrobatics to fire-breathing, from mime appearing in operas to waders. .

Music is the protagonist on Wednesday 27 July (9.15 pm, ticket 5 euros) in Piazza Marconi in Sovicille with Morricone & Piazzolla composers forever. The ORT Brass & Percussion Ensemble performs the music of Ennio Morricone and Astor Piazzolla. Greatness does not disappear… it is eternal. And the greatness of the music of two composers like Ennio Morricone and Astor Piazzolla will continue to accompany us again and again. The quality of their work is fully appreciated when these music are performed, because one realizes that they are not exclusively related to the original score, to a certain instrumentation or to a particular arrangement. Like all classics they hold up in any context.

The exhibition continues on Wednesday 3 August (9.15 pm, free admission) at the Museo del Bosco di Orgia with A Midsummer Night’s Dreams – All Puck’s fault, directed by Altero Borghi. A group of actors and actresses try to stage shows with the word “dream”, which will turn out to be nightmares because of the clumsy Puck, who will get all the formulas wrong.

Saturday 6 August (9.15 pm, free admission) in Piazza Marconi in Sovicille the BattistiFaber concert. Giulio Stracciati revisits the most beautiful and unforgettable songs of the two of the most important Italian songwriters: Lucio Battisti and Fabrizio De André.

Dance is the protagonist on Friday 12 August (9.15 pm, ticket 2 euros) at the Museo del Bosco di Orgia. Amore Amaro on stage with Silvia Bastianelli and Andrea Rampazzo. Choreography by Francesca Selva, directed by Marcello Valassina. A show that tells the meaning of loss and incommunicability. A love that ends almost only out of boredom, between grotesque irony and ruthless cynicism.

Sunday 21 August (9.15 pm, free admission) at the Pieve di Ponte allo Spino for the Jazz Festival, concert in double set. First set with Luca Perciballi and Michele Bondesan duo (Luca Perciballi – guitar, banjo; Michele Bondesan – double bass). Second set Hobby Horse (Dan Kinzelman – tenor sax, clarinets, percussion, vocals, electronics; Joe Rehmer – double bass, harmonium, vocals, electronics; Stefano Tamborrino – drums, vocals, electronics).

Dance returns on Saturday 27 August (9.15 pm, ticket 2 euro) at the Montarrenti Castle with The Divina’s. Choreography by Martina Agricoli, subject by Rosanna Cieri, dancers Martina Agricoli, Paloma Biagioli, Ilaria Fratantuono, Roberta Morello, Mattia Solano.
A choreographic project that investigates the modernity of some female characters of Dante’s Comedy. These figures, a symbol of gender-based violence, evoke increasingly topical issues.

Other scheduled appointments

Parish church of Ponte allo Spino
Friday 22 July, 9.15 pm
Chigiana Music Academy

Montarrenti Castle
Wednesday 24 August, 9.15 pm
Chigiana Music Academy
info and reservations: Accademia Chigiana
cell. 333 9385543 – tel. 0577 22091

Friday 19 August
first set
Francesco Guerri
second set
multimedia performance
music and projection of live illustrations

Saturday 20 August
first set
Multimedia performance
percussion and dance
second set
Bondesan / Caputo

Sunday 21 August
first set
Bondesan / Perciballi
second set
Hobby Horse

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