SP: Justin Bieber fans accuse scalpers of harassment, theft and assaults in line for tickets

Fans of singer Justin Bieber accused money changers of harassment, cell phone theft and aggression last Wednesday (20), as they waited in line at the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo, to buy tickets for the artist’s concert in September at the Allianz. Park. The information is from G1.

On social media, several netizens shared reports of crimes committed by money changers. In one of the posts, a fan appears with bloody hands. “I just wanted to say that this in-person purchase was a humiliation and I will expose 100% that I got punched out of nowhere in the queue and nobody [ninguém] supported me,” she wrote.

Other fans reported having their cellphones stolen by clandestine sellers. Netizens also reported that the money changers coerced people who were waiting to buy the ticket and cut the line several times.

“They [cambistas] they messed with all the girls who passed by, calling her little princess, kitty, one of them said: ‘That one is really hot’. It was horrible,” 18-year-old student Caroline França Pedrozo told G1.

In a note to G1, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that it has no records of these occurrences at the site. However, I recommend that victims contact the Civil Police and the Military Police (PM) to file complaints.

Also according to the SSP, the PM was even called to complain about problems with the purchase of tickets. However, the case was not registered at the police station because it was resolved on the spot. “The incident was resolved between the parties on the spot, without the need to register with the Civil Police,” the SSP reported.

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