Spain, Catalonia: Breakdown of a nuclear power plant. One of the employees is dead

According to the medical services Catalonia those injured as a result of the incident have been taken to hospital in the municipality of Mora d’Ebre, and their lives are not in danger.

The preliminary investigation showed that the immediate cause of the failure was the leakage of the fire insulation, from which the release of carbon dioxide. Investigators added that a defect in the fire protection system led to fire breaks out.

The fatal victim of the event is 46-year-old firefighterwho was employed on the site of the power plant.

The three people who were transported to the hospital were, according to the service’s announcement, employees located near the site of the fire. They experienced respiratory failure as a result of inhaling smoke.

According to the information provided by the fire brigade, there was an accident inside the nuclear power plant “it did not lead to an increase in radioactivity”.

The emergency services said that seven provincial fire brigades took part in extinguishing the fire Tarragona. They specified that the incident is treated as an accident at work at the preliminary stage of the investigation.


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