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The effects of the activity of the Cumbre Vieja volcano can be seen, among others on land. It destroyed, among others over 2,000 buildings in La Palma, of which over 1.1 thousand. residential houses. In addition, the ash released by the volcano makes breathing difficult, causes problems with visibility, destroys engines, pollutes the water, and what is worse, its accumulation on roofs can result in collapsing. This is not the end, however. On Monday, the Spanish daily ABC shared the information via its Twitter account that Cumbre Vieja had eaten one of his ancestors. Another volcano of La Palma, San Juan, was buried.

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On Monday, November 22, the roads that led to the San Juan Peak were covered with lava from Cumbre Vieja. In addition, the escaping dust covered the crater, completely destroying the volcano. The San Juan eruption was last recorded in 1949.

Cumbre Vieja eruption. Subsequent evacuations of residents due to air pollution

Due to the high presence of sulfur dioxide in the air from the active volcano Cumbre Vieja, the island authorities ordered the evacuation of three thousand inhabitants of Tazacorte. According to volcanologists from the Spanish National Geographic Institute (IGN), seismic activity has increased in the vicinity of the volcano during the last 24 hours. They said the biggest quake was registered on Monday, November 22 in the morning. The magnitude of the tremors then reached the level of 4.8.

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