Spain now has more than 100 million infected by the coronavirus News


Spain has recorded in the past 24 hours, a new maximum for the number of deaths due to coronaviruses, 864, amounting to a total of 9.053 deaths, while the number of people newly infected with the virus has come to the 102.136.

The new cases have increased by 7.719 in the last 24 hours, was 8.2 per cent, according to data released on Wednesday (1), by the Ministry of Health. This increase is the lowest level of the past few days.

In addition, patients in Intensive care Units (ICUS) that are 5.872, 4.7% more than in the past, and while in some areas these services are still in the process of collapsing (as in Catalunya, while in others, the level of saturation was a slight improvement.

On the positive side, it’s a total 22.647 patients have been cured of the disease, more than one-fifth of the total number of cases.

As in the earlier days, Spain continues to lead the way in the areas affected by the virus, with a 3.865 death, and 29.840 cases reported, an increase of 8.4%, compared to an increase of 14.19% rise yesterday, which was followed by Cataluña, with a 1.849 death, and 19.991 cases, an increase of 6.4%).

However, on the positive side, the number of inpatients on intensive care, Madrid has not increased and has remained at 1.514, according to data released today by the Ministry of Health.

Thus, the data suggest that the stabilization of the curve, as was pointed out yesterday by the ministry of Health, Salvador, bahia Illa.

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To prevent the collapse of the health system in Spain is working hard to expand the number of hospital beds, especially intensive care.

With more than 50 thousand and are currently in hospital for a coronavirus, and the goal is to increase the number of beds in the hospital to the public 21.5%, with nearly 23 thousand new units over the next couple of days.

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