Spain’s finance ministry doomed. It must pay back 800 million euros

The Spanish Criminal and Administrative Court (Audiencia Nacional) ruled that the Ministry of Finance unlawfully collected some of the taxes from the telecommunications company Telefonica in 2009-2010. The ministry will have to return over EUR 800 million to her.

As estimated by the daily “El Mundo” on Friday, together with the interest, the Ministry of Finance headed by Maria Jesus Montero was obliged to give the Telefonica concern over EUR 800 million.

The newspaper indicated that in the justification of the verdict, Audiencia Nacional wrote that the corporate income tax enforced from the Spanish company by the ministry “was collected in excess”.

According to “El Mundo”, in 2009-2010 the Spanish tax authorities illegally collected over 1.5 billion euros from Telefonica. Part of this sum, EUR 702 million, was already returned after another court verdict, which was issued in 2019.

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