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The technician of the Naples Luciano Spalletti told himself in a long interview with Corriere della Sera. Many topics were touched upon, from the field to the market: “I know, I know that everyone says that I am unpleasant! This is the label they have attributed to me and now I keep it. But then … why? Maybe it’s because I don’t talk to anyone about my work, maybe it’s because of the a bit stern look. But I guarantee that I am a good person, to the point that I would marry. “

RELATIONSHIP WITH NAPLES – “You don’t seem strange, but it is nature that unites me and Naples. The smells, the flavors too. Well, these are sensations that are also difficult to explain. Emotions and feelings: the city is conquering me like this, it takes me back to my origins. I would like to if she becomes better at interpreting us: the passion for football is visceral, unique. But there are moments and moments and it is only if you play a championship at high levels, also breaking the climate of depression that I found when I arrived, then if you do not win the Scudetto you have not done anything, indeed for someone you have failed. I was the first to cultivate the ambition to win, I raised the bar in my locker room to increase the self-esteem of the players. We managed to do great things , with almost half a team with the contract expiring “.

MERTENS – “Let’s clarify: it wasn’t me, it wasn’t the club that didn’t want him with us. Mertens could have given us a great hand. But the club made him an offer and he didn’t accept. I keep myself out of these dynamics, and it’s That’s right. De Laurentiis? We have a direct, frontal relationship. And therefore true. To meet at times, character compromises are necessary: ​​sometimes I sketch it out, sometimes he does it. We are two strong people “.

NEXT SEASON – “I feel skepticism around us, I’m sorry. Because we are doing our best to be ready. Thanks to a market that, within certain boundaries, is functional to our needs. Dybala has not arrived, I hear here and there. The attempt it was done by my club, then you have to stop when there are fences. This shouldn’t make us feel less. All the top teams, and in addition to the Milanese and Juventus, Rome and Fiorentina have also been strengthened in significantly. We make our journey knowing that this will be an anomalous championship and therefore strange for everyone. The matches are played on the field not off. Let’s see, in the meantime the market is still long “.

YOUNG – “They must be able to grow, find clubs that are able to foster maturity. Then, of course, money can be a variable. I respect their choices, God forbid. Experiences abroad always enrich. But if I think of Raspadori, I am glad that he has instead decided not to leave Italy. Here we grow … And it is not an invitation, but a consideration that goes beyond the market “.

TOTTI – “Among the strongest I’ve trained. Divorce with Ilary? I didn’t expect it and I’m really sorry. The family is important in every man’s life, his has always seemed solid to me. An important basis for Francesco and Ilary. But life reserves this too, it’s a shame “.

LEADER – “Me? No, it’s the players who have to be. Osimhen is one who can become one. I point to it.”

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