Spalletti destroys Fabiàn, the 70 million median, the 3 ADL signings and the shock discovery on Kvara

Spalletti smiles for Kim and Lobotka, Zielinski’s great performance and Osimhen is released immediately. De Laurentiis studies the next purchases …

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Zero space for conjectures, mystifications, spy story conspiracies. The field is the friend who looks you in the eye and always tells you the truth, the mirror to which you can entrust the last answer. Placing himself in front of the mirror, Napoli like Snow White turns out to be the most beautiful in the realm on this first day. With new team dynamics, renewed awareness, empty spaces to fill that immediately found characters looking for more space. In the wonderful league novel, the first chapter could be titled ‘Amazement‘.

One the goal of Politano, which doesn’t hurt. It serves the trust, the one that seemed to have failed. It serves the man, for the whole summer in the balance as not even the Negramaro. One more arrow to be polished in the quiver, alternative solutions that will be fundamental in the craziest season in history with a world championship placed in mid-November.

Two goals conceded, the other side of the coin. That there is work to be done back there is self-evident, because the agreement does not seem to blossom at first glance. There is a feeling, however, that these are defects that can be improved, which the work will be able to polish in the coming weeks. And if this team manages not to concede any goals, we will see some good ones. Marble is the starting point, the chisel is the tool to forge it. Sweat, sweat is always needed to water dreams.

Three purchases to climb the hierarchy of a championship that has yet to fix its balance. Don’t fall into the De Laurentiis trapdo not trust a result and continue along the path taken. Keylor Navas, Ndombele and Raspadori are a winning trio at the level of Soldatino, King and Dartagnan. And when you have the good horses, when the play is right, you have to have the courage to bet to the end. Don’t fall into the temptation of ‘Er Pomata’ to take the easy way out. Go cor tango Aurelio!

Four years and a not very decent closure. The fatal wrath of Spalletti crashes on Fabianwho gets pinched in the disco while his companions left for Verona. “The team is there even without those who don’t want to come and play!” He attacks Luciano when asked about the wandering Spaniard. Because for some time he has been wandering in search of a new accommodation. Because he had long dreamed of going elsewhere. And who has the heart elsewhere, you have to let it go. Fabiàn in Paris, Ndombele to Napoli: a 70 million deal (the amount paid out by Tottenham to buy it) found in discount stores. As ‘The Family’ sang: “’O sapunar ten a giotto and nun o’ sap … if the scurdat is”. The hope is that the Frenchman will be able to return great in blue.

Five different scorers, a different idea of ​​football. More immediacy, less panegyrics, the fragrance of warm bread that does not need additions to be special. Spalletti has started a cultural revolution, finding interpreters capable of incorporating the new artistic current. Vertical, physical, naughty and no frills. Time will tell if this new seed can take root and bear fruit like those of the Bentegodi. But the idea is clear and Napoli believes in it. A lot.

Six and a half to Osimhen, with the paw that serves to nourish self-esteem. A fighter at heart, he struggles in the mud of a dirty race and eventually finds the right opening. This Napoli wants to take his measurements, become a tailor-made suit for Victor’s qualities. However, he will need growth, first of all emotional. A Zen path, like the story of Buddha and the man who spat in his face. Going beyond the provocations, channeling all the infinite energy towards the final goal is the great seasonal goal.

Seven to Zielinski, who said no to the West Ham millions for that shirt. Behind that glacial gaze, the will to meet again after the loss of the second part of last season. This vertical kick can enhance its qualities, highlight the contours of a talent that has never been definitively consecrated. For 28 years he had to live with the label of predestined, always following the same path. Doing as Zero Limestone, tearing along the edges and finding himself to be “Black belt of as if avoiding life”. Maybe it’s time to get out of the way, to really find out which Piotr to be. Come on boy.

Otto to the ‘Georgiano’, as if it were a qualification as well as the 124 Spider of December 32. Too many had become entangled in improbable judgments, denials typical of these times, come on Kvaratskhelia and on the impossibility of influencing our championship for those who came from the Georgian championship. Then the truth imposes itself, lightning fast and inexorable like that vertical passage for Zielinski who, more than anything else, tells of having to do with a precious material. To be handled with extreme care, to be explored with the curiosity of those who feel a rare stone for the first time. The shocking discovery for many is that he can make a difference even in Serie A. Shiny and stunning, to the point of sending everyone to bed. Goodnight to the players of doom.

Nine to Spalletti, who rode the wave of nervous breakdown all summer. He has lost pieces, even his KK Commander, without letting himself be overcome by discouragement. He threw down a lot bitter, that not even Enzo and Stefano after the toast with Cico in the finale of ‘E fuori nevica’. Yet Luciano seems to have found a way to unravel the problem, to give immediacy to a Naples that seemed all in the making. Hic et nunc was the best response to weeks of emotional fluctuations between depression, despondency and abandonment. Napoli responded present, Luciano stimulated the right strings and immediately found a great sound.

Ten to Robotka. Because Stan’s Veronese performance that tickles the football hyperuranium, profiles of absolute greatness put on display at the Bentegodi, has nothing human. There redemption from mass is now complete, Lobotka has overturned every foolish belief and has taken the keys of Napoli. He is a caretaker, administrator, house painter, electrician, gardener: there is no matter that does not belong to him in the blue condominium. It all begins and ends with him, who also enjoys placing his right hand in the corner hole to put the olives in the martini in a race that has dominated from the first minute. You dance only as Stan wants. With the music that Stan puts on. At the pace that Stan sets. Impressive that impressive writing does not even convey the idea.

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