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The coach of the NaplesLuciano Spallettigave a long interview in the episode of Diletta line on DAZN. Here are the words of the blue technician:

PANDA – “It’s my favorite car. I’m lucky because I have more than one, including one here and one in Naples. I haven’t found the one that was stolen. When I left the hotel, I was very upset. Of course. it is an unfair thing to suffer and should be punished whoever did it. But deep down I like to think that some father of a family helped him and that now he is using it to take his children to school. So that’s okay, I have another Panda and we are all happy “.

THE SQUARE OF NAPLES – “Napoli is an important square in football. They have strong ambitions, they want to win and to win the match it becomes difficult. From the first good morning you meet this passion, this heart for these colors that people have. It makes me angry only when it does not come recognized the commitment of the guys because we have a team of serious professionals, good guys. Also this year we have changed a lot, but I know them well and I have appreciated since the retirement the knowledge of the new ones who are in tune with the others. They are players who deserve to wear this shirt and there will be a maximum commitment in all training sessions, in all matches. The fans can rest assured. “

NEW NAPLES – “When you go to put your hand in such a drastic way on the team you need some time, to grow other leaders. We already have someone, like Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Anguissa, Osimhen himself must become a point of reference. I’ve already started telling him. “

WHATSAPP GROUP – “With the players you also have a Whatsapp group where you compare and tell each other things. Ours is called ‘I’ll be with you’. Of course I used it in matches where I was forced to stay at home, like in the away match against Juventus. I remember that at that moment everyone there was saying that perhaps the game should be postponed because we had so many players with Covid. I sent them through my message that I was happy they let us play, before there was the Officiality. Because I had seen them coach in a serious, strong, correct way. They had expressed their desire to play it in training. For many it was one of the few games available and taking it away would have been unfair. They showed that they can also be trusted. these players “.

FROM INSIGNE TO KVARA – “He is fond of 77, he wanted it immediately. We expect a lot from Kvaratskhelia because he has replaced a champion (Insigne, ed) who has decided to make new acquaintances, take a different path after many years of Italian football, national team and quality goals. We must always be with the will of the players because when a player decides to go for an experience as Insigne wanted it is useless to hold him back.. I hoped until the last that he would stay with us“.

THE RUSSIA – “In my experience at Zenit I met some really strong people. At that temperature, life there is hard and their spirit of moving forward is immediately perceived. I am convinced that for what I have been able to know, the Russians themselves do not see the now that the conflict is over because they want a world in peace “.

“NEW” TACTICS – “The best thing will be to follow the rules imposed on you by the qualities of footballers. We have to develop a tactical plan in which the players inside find the best qualities and are able to express all the inspiration and imagination, the talent they possess. Without It will start again from the 4-3-3 used often last year, hoping that it will give us the opportunity to develop a game that is appreciated by a demanding public like the Neapolitan one. The Napoli fan is a connoisseur of football and he saw real champions play, the strongest of all. He saw Diego. It becomes difficult for them to be able to hide something from him, they catch you immediately “.

IMPORTANT SHIRTS – “Three jerseys I’m most attached to? De Rossi, Salah and without hurting anyone in my team Koulibaly. Kouli is truly an extraordinary person, as well as a great champion”.

KOULIBALY – “From the beginning, when we met, we had a good relationship. Every morning he came to my office to greet me with this hug made of muscle, by Watt. He is the real influencer of the locker room because he managed to attract everyone. The commander. For me it’s like having lost a collaborator because then on the pitch with his voice, his physical prowess was like a coach. He always wanted to attack, go and catch the high ball. The word was always the same: ‘Eat, eat, eat’. In other words, let’s go ahead and get on top of him. Unfortunately I lost two captains in one fell swoop. ”

TOTTI AND ICARDI – “Those who were present know all the good that I wanted them, I did things for them that I didn’t do for other players. It bothers me when they say I made them stop because that’s absolutely not true. Totti finished when everyone knew that I would leave at the end of the year, so they could have kept him going. Icardi didn’t go away with me but when Conte was already there. He could have used it, he was an Inter player. Insigne I did everything to try to convince him but he and his family had already made his decision. “

DI LORENZO – “It was easy to talk to him. The captain is given the armband because he has balance, he has the quality of relating to his teammates but also to his opponents. That he enjoys everyone’s respect. With him it was easy because everyone wanted Di Lorenzo as captain when I spoke to the team “.

DE LAURENTIIS – “They bet it would be hard to get to the end of the season but then we often meet. We have our points of view but for now there is a good dialogue. We are those who like to say things to each other’s face, he probably more than me , he’s a really tough president in many ways. “

MOTIVATIONAL PHRASES – “We started with the writing on the bibs which was an encouragement to the group. Through this we pulled in the audience, many times we had the Maradona full. Then we go to look for those stimulating phrases that stick in the gym, in the locker room” .

THE RULES – “Sometimes the players have been good at circumventing the rules of the locker room, even in a nice way. But at that moment you feel a bit brought into that situation. You make a rule for the weight of the team and you are determined to punish I remember that before getting on the scale Pizarro took off everything he was wearing, cut his hair to be lighter because he tended to gain weight. Then he climbed on the scale, he was in weight and everyone was happy because he had passed the test. After that he would go to his locker and take a tray of cream pastries and start eating. ‘I’m in the weight and I can eat’. There you feel a bit teased (laughs, ed). .

TOTTI – “It’s a footballer who for me was fundamental in terms of contribution to the team, personality, strength to pull into the stadium during matches. I have all his shirts, even the one that all of us on the team brought him when he got injured. He is one of those who don’t mind saying anything when they go out on the pitch and pull the rest of the team after themselves. When playing in the Champions League, someone didn’t have the personality to take the ball and make the plays he was used to. They took care of it, they were the backbone. If we rewind the tape, it’s all clear to me. And if you have the will to change things then it is clear that an incorrect message is coming out. In that team there were practical players like Keita, Maicon, Strootman, Nainggolan, De Rossi. If I hadn’t done the right thing it would have been difficult to be followed. If I had done a wrong to a player with a history like that of Totti it would have been impossible to get in front of Napoli, second in the standings. Then it’s clear that I’m sorry because I had a great relationship with him. I really fall in love with my players because I truly fulfilled the dream I had as a child, going to live in the changing rooms with these players. “

TV SERIES – “I looked at it for a while, I heard about it. What I think is wrong is that Totti had content to do it on himself, instead he decided to do it on me and he made me a very popular character. 2-3 scenes that if they had asked me I would have gladly lent it to them and would have made an explosion of ratings “.

ELMAS – “I have often preferred him in other roles, also having Mertens and Zielinski. But between the lines he would know how to behave”.

SHOULDER COACH – “In such a balanced football, detail can make a difference. I don’t get up in the morning hoping it will go one way but I do everything I can to make it go in that direction. It starts on Monday morning and Friday evening we are still there to prepare for the match, the one who has prepared better wins. Making players believe that they have qualities even higher than those they believe they have becomes the outlet to become very strong teams. I like players who have a strong personality, healthy ambitions and who do not step on things We must go and make the hearts of our fans fall in love because the real satisfaction comes from there. “

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