Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office asks for Neymar and Shakira’s arrest

The Spanish Public Ministry is investigating Paris Saint-Germain Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. and Colombian singer Shakira, according to Who Magazine.

According to Revista Quem, Spanish press speculates that the Court has asked for 8 years and 2 months in prison for the artist for alleged tax fraud of over 14 million euros. In the case of Neymar, the request for two years in prison would have occurred for alleged irregularities in the contract with Barcelona.

The player Neymar Jr. is due to go to trial on October 17 on charges of corruption. The Brazilian, who left Barcelona in 2017 to sign with Paris Saint-Germain, is accused of omitting the real value of his transfer to the French team. It is estimated that the real value of the contract was 83.3 million euros, not 57.1 million as recorded in court. In this way, the Spanish prosecutor’s office made a request for two years in prison for Neymar, according to a report by the Who Magazine.

Photo: Disclosure / InstagramNeymar Jr.  and Shakira.

Neymar Jr. and Shakira.

Shakira, who lives in Barcelona, ​​is accused by the Spanish courts of tax fraud of more than 14 million euros from the local Treasury. The actions would have taken place between the years 2012 and 2014. The singer who refused an agreement with the Public Ministry does not have a trial scheduled so far, the publication reported.

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