Spectacular cast, action and twists in this light comedy on Netflix

One of Netflix’s iconic films of recent years, this whodunit features an incredible story and a cast full of Hollywood divas.

With brilliant, attractive and ironic protagonists, an interesting story and first-rate direction, you get a masterpiece like Ocean’s 8. The 8 protagonists are in fact involved in a deception, with the aim of stealing a jewel worth billions of euros, on the occasion of a gala of excellence**.** It seems like an unbelievable plot, but it really is.

blockbuster movie, shot by the important director Gary Ross, the film was a huge success from the spectators in the room. Despite being a thriller, the story turns out to be fun and light,

The production represents a spin-off of the Oceans’ trilogystories of scammers who manage to pull off master strokes. In these films we find actors like Al Pacino, Matt Damon, Julia Roberta, Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, Vincent Cassel… in short, many among the biggest Hollywood stars took part in this trilogy about expert scammers.

Movie cost millions and millions of dollars, but it could not be otherwise, considering the names that we find in this film. 8 of the biggest stars of the American scene took part as protagonists in the coup staged in the film Ocean’s 8. In fact we have: Cate Blanchet, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Dakota Fanning, Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling.

If these names have caught your eye, read on for some sneak peek into the plot of this unique comedy.

Ocen’s 8, what the film is about with a killer cast

Debbie Ocean is a skilled con artist, who is released following an award, for demonstrating good behavior**.** After being released, released from prison, the woman has nothing to do, having always been immersed in deception. In this case it has multiple reasons that push her to carry out a big coup: in fact she wants to prove to her brother that she knows how to bring home a large booty, so as to get rich, and above all she wants revenge against the one who managed to deceive her and send her to prison.

On this occasion, the protagonist decides to contact the best criminals she knows, to create an infallible team, which is able to put on this great coup: we have the IT, the logistics expert and so on…

The difficulty of the story lies not only in the difficulty of the stroke, but in the risks they take in being seen together again, after past crimes. Moreover, a secondary theme, but not least, is the complicity of this team, which, albeit with bad ends, learns to manage teamworkenhancing the strengths of each of the protagonists.

In short, we can’t talk about villains, because the actresses manage to conquer the public with the charisma and irony that makes them infallible.

I guess it’s normal to be curious to find out how the plan will end. Will they be able to steal the jewel? Will they be discovered? Will they all get away with it?

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