Speedway: British Terry Russell furious with PGE Ekstraliga and PZM

The situation in the Premiership is quite bad, and for years this competition has been avoided by the best speedway riders in the world who are fed up with driving on unprepared tracks and paying extra to perform in the local league. In the latest issue of Speedway Star, a completely different diagnosis of the problems of the British competition was presented by Swindon Robins promoter Terry Russell. If such a diagnosis was made by a lesser-known activist, perhaps his words could only be summed up with laughter, in this case, however, it is about one of the most influential Britons in speedway. His words show that British speedway is worse than anyone could have imagined.

– I have a problem with the FIM, because although Armando Castagna is blocking the next ideas of Poles, he has no teeth as an organizer. So if the Poles have decided that they will run matches on Friday, it does not matter to them that the Grand Prix qualifications are held on the same day. The players, in turn, are paid so well that they have to be called by their clubs, even at the expense of the last place in qualifying. The FIM is not doing anything about it, although in my opinion it should stand firmly against Poland and help the players by making GP qualifications a mandatory part of each GP weekend – reveals one of its ideas to curb the Polish hegemony

– Poles flex their muscles and often tell players that if they do not perform well in the league, they must come to training on days when they had scheduled matches in other leagues – adds Russell in Speedway Star.

This is not the end, because Russell accuses the Poles of breaking the agreements regarding the Speedway Slot System, which granted each league fixed days of playing matches, and thus prevented conflicts of interest and fighting for players.

– Everything was agreed, and one day PZM came up with the idea that it would not allow its players to appear in more than one foreign league. In this way, the Poles punished all players. The FIM, on the other hand, is helpless because it believes that the leagues are not their responsibilities. I would like the FIM to be much stricter in relation to Poland, admits the former head of BSPA.

Later on, there is even a statement that changes in the slag in favor of Poland resemble climate change, which is slowly leading to the catastrophe of the whole world. However, this is not the end, because it turns out that the Poles’ great offense was the alleged use of the pandemic to their advantage. According to the Briton, our activists took advantage of the precarious situation and “took over” the GP cycle, organizing six out of eight tournaments in 2020, and in 2021 six out of 11 rounds. It does not matter to him that if it were not for our country, the World Cup might not have taken place at all. It also turns out that our activists are much easier to gather crowds in the stands, because we are not as sporting a nation as the British and cricket or rugby are not as popularized here.

However, this is not the end, because Russell has one more interesting idea to beat our activists’ noses.

– In the end, we all have to accept that we are in the pockets of Poles. But I wonder what would have happened if I had entered Swindon into their competition. It would not be surprising, because clubs from Daugavpils and Landshut are already competing in the Polish league. We could go there every Sunday and then host their teams in the UK. I wonder if the Poles would agree to such a deal – adds Russell, who in recent years made Swindon Robins a leading Premiership team and celebrated gold medals with it.

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