Speedway: Falubaz Zielona Góra put everything on one card

Until now, it was believed that in order to count in the fight for promotion to PGE Ekstraliga, one must have a budget of PLN 3.5-4 million. In recent years, only representatives of Apator Toruń had more funds for driving in the first league, but they also spent much less than six million on the team. All because a pandemic broke out in 2020, contracts went down and the league authorities decided to abandon the play-offs. Falubaz will not have such “luck” and not only will he have to go in six more matches, the promotion will not be a formality.

Even PLN 1.3 million for Max Fricke, one million for Krzysztof Buczkowski and a little less for Rohan Tungate and Piotr Protasiewicz, plus maintaining three players under 24 and ensuring good conditions for youth players – these are the most important expenses that stand in 2022 years by Falubaz. Immediately after the relegation of the team, the club’s authorities did everything to atone for the guilt and put the team in the role of the absolute favorite of the tournament. It is worth adding that six million zlotys for the first team are not the only costs, because there are also expenses for a dynamically functioning school, as well as for the maintenance of club employees and the organization of matches. You can safely expect that the budget of the club in Zielona Góra will be only slightly smaller than during the competition in PGE Ekstraliga.

– The line-up is impressive, but it’s actually hard not to notice that in Zielona Góra everything was put on one card. The club’s shareholders are quarreling, and in the current situation of local governments it is difficult to count on the fact that the city will contribute huge amounts of money this year. So it was optimistically assumed that Falubaz would return to PGE Ekstraliga, he would receive six million zlotys and would cover any losses with this money. The question is, what if the citizens of Zielona Góra lose the fight for the first place, for example with the Polonia Bydgoszcz. In my opinion, this could mean huge problems. Not only will most of the players leave the club, the management board will have to resign, but there will probably be a big hole in the box office. The players from Zielona Góra are under a lot of pressure, and a stumble in the play-offs may mean the biggest problems in the club’s history – says former player of this club, Piotr Świst.

It is true that Falubaz Zielona Góra has support from large sponsors, and above all from the local government, but the fact that they are not promoted may mean a disaster for them. It is hard to expect that the club would be able to incur such large expenditures without money from PGE Ekstraliga. In turn, smaller funds will mean that in 2023 it is not the people of Zielona Góra, but even those who are saying goodbye to the elite, may be the richest team in the 1st league.

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