Speedway: Marek Cieślak will join Apator Toruń?

There is only one way to comment on the whole situation related to coach Bajerski – who is interested in speedway, does not laugh in the circus. The coach of eWinner Apator Toruń, Tomasz Bajerski announced yesterday in Przegląd Sportowy that he will not continue to work in the club. Everything after a meeting with the leaders of the Toruń club. – The club offered to help him so that he could solve his cases. I personally trust him too, but I would like him to get things done. I want him to stay in Apator. Let him think about it all and cool down. Everyone really wants him to stay. He has to get things done. These reactions are a bit emotional. We wait calmly and we will come back to the discussion. Let Tom cool down, he’s a good fellow. If he wants to, we will be happy to help him. Of course, if we don’t get along, we won’t get along. We still have a few months to come to an understanding. These are his private problems, and it is not a question of mistrust. The club, on the other hand, expects that he will solve these problems due to his marketing and PR. I do not assume that this is his final position – Termiński in turn summed up in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

Of course, if the parties do not finally reach an agreement, the inhabitants of Toruń will be forced to look for an alternative to a coaching vacancy. Currently, there are, among others, unemployed Marek Cieślak, who is to be bound by a contract with Canal + to act as an expert in more speedway events than before. However, Cieślak himself does not close his coaching path in the future. – Many people would like to take up the topic because it is a tempting project. As a result of the squad, you can build your coaching workshop. However, it should be remembered that such a project involves a risk, because if something does not work out with such a composition, it is a downhill lift in a coaching career. Marek Cieślak is, of course, an alternative. We hear that the coach wants to pause, but on the other hand there is an opportunity, so there is no need to close this door – said Jacek Frątczak, former speedway manager.

The private affairs of coach Bajerski strongly affect the club’s image, which seems to be tarnished. The case with the arrears of the former Apator trainer has become a media topic. – Termination of work by the club with coach Bajerski would be a good decision of Apator. The club does not want and should not get involved in the private affairs of the employee, and if they are an aspect of the media discussion, the only thing the club could do was fire the coach. No other reaction can be expected. It is clear that one should put an ultimatum and give time to resolve the dispute or to part ways – concluded Jacek Frątczak.

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