Speedway: PGE Ekstraliga authorities in Magazyn will announce the calendar of the 2022 season

– I cannot say anything, but I will only reveal that it is really worth to sit in front of the TV and turn on our warehouse – says Marcin Majewski, the head of the speedway project at Canal +.

Traditionally, it was at the beginning of December that we got to know the full calendar of PGE Ekstraliga, and the arrangement of pairs in the first rounds was the hottest topic for discussion in the winter months. Speedway is such a specific sport that a relatively easy start to the season can have a huge impact on the final result of the competition. Apator Toruń, for example, had the most difficult match three years ago and finally said goodbye to the elite.

Next year, the balance of power in PGE Ekstraliga is even less balanced, so for several clubs a favorable match schedule may be of key importance not only for the sports result, but also for the financial result. It is easy to imagine a situation where one of the teams goes to the beginning of the season for three matches at home against Betard Sparta Wrocław, eWinner Apator Toruń or Moje Bermudy Stali Gorzów, and such a situation could make the team wait for the first victory until June.

For now, the tournament authorities do not want to provide too much information about the plan for next year’s games, but there are many indications that the tournament – just like this season – will start on the first weekend of April, i.e. April 1-3.

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