Speedway: Speedway rider of Gniezno Start, Oskar Fajfer was devastated. There was no response from the Extra League clubs

– When it comes to offers from eWinner 1st LŻ, there were actually some of them. Certainly, much more could be obtained from other teams in terms of financial conditions. However, I played open cards with my club from the beginning. I explained what I meant and what I care about. I waited for interest from a higher league to emerge, because I must admit that racing among the best is my priority. However, I was devastated because the response was really zero. No phone call from PGE Ekstraliga called me, so I decided to get along with Start. The arrangement between us was clear – if I fail to reach the next level, I will stay in the current club and we will fight together for the best result – said Oskar Fajfer in an interview with polskizuzel.pl.

Despite the fact that the 2021 season in terms of statistics performed by Fajfer, the player is not entirely satisfied with all his performances. – Not everything was as planned. There is definitely a lot to improve during away matches. However, we have all winter to analyze what the reasons were and I believe we will draw the right conclusions. I do not hide that I already know more or less what the problem could be. Now it remains to wait patiently until the new season and not repeat the same mistakes in it – adds Fajfer.

The competition in the back of PGE Ekstraliga in 2022 looks very interesting. According to many people, the upcoming games will undoubtedly be one of the most interesting in recent seasons. There are also people who think that the season in the first league will be more even than in the top division in our country. The team from Zielona Góra and Bydgoszcz are among the main candidates for promotion. – These two teams on paper are definitely strong. Both, however, have many players from PGE Ekstraliga. This means they may have a little trouble adjusting to the new tracks. After all, we saw it last season, because before his start to the eWinner of the 1st League, several players from the highest league also came. Some of them were not even in the top ten later. This proves that the games are at a high level and that you need a lot of sweat to seriously appear in them. Therefore, I am convinced that we will see many surprises, but the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz and Zielona Góra will be the favorites. In my opinion, Cellfast Wilki Krosno will also be strong. I hope that my Start will also join the fight. We will want to do our own thing, although nobody says loudly about us that we are favorites – concluded Oskar Fajfer.

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