Speedway: The President of the Union went all the way. He ridicules the promotion of Leszno

On Monday, President of the Union, Leszno Piotr Rusiecki, on his Twitter account, posted two statements of councilors, quoted by the leszno24.pl portal.

– Three days before the session, a slot was made to the draft budget for 2022 entitled “stadium drainage”. We, as councilors, are now standing against the wall. On the one hand, we have raised the taxes of the residents and we will have PLN 1,600,000 from it, and now we are giving PLN 1,050,000 to the stadium. On the other hand – we know that this drainage is necessary for Unia Leszno to be able to continue to take part in the extra-league speedway games – said Adriana Machowiak, councilor of the Civic Coalition.

– I am in favor of speedway, but drainage of the stadium is too high a cost for the city – stressed Stefania Ratajczak, an independent councilor.

Statements of councilors were commented by Piotr Rusiecki (original spelling):

“Dear councilors, there has been talk of dehydration for several years, so nobody puts anyone near the wall. I have asked you many times if you want speedway in Leszno?

It’s not everything. Rusiecki went further and made fun of two situations that were loud in Poland and that took place in Leszno.

First, he posted a photo of mowing the grass in snow-covered ditches, and then a photo of a snowman standing in the middle of one of the Leszno roads. The president added the comment “Recently it is just such a promotion”.

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