Speedway: They offered the junior 10,000 for a point, and he quit

All of Poland lived by what Bartłomiej Kowalski did. The youth of Włókniarz finally changed colors and signed a contract in Wrocław. There were legends about how much he could earn on it.

As it turns out, not only top or talented players demanded big money from the clubs. Even middle-aged juniors with little prospects for the future made demands that were cut off their feet.

– I heard a story that a very weak junior wanted 250,000 zlotys for a signature and 5,000 zlotys for a point. However, the club suggested something else. 0 PLN for the signature and 10,000 for the point. However, he did not want to accept this and gave up the offer – says Krzystyniak.

– I am not surprised, however, that he rejected such an offer because he knows that he is weak. Most of the young players, who ask for such money for the good morning, want to “hook” as much as possible for themselves. First, because they doubt themselves. He was a very weak player, but worst of all, he knew he was going to be weak all the time. However, I am surprised that he did not take up the challenge. I would have done it differently – said Krzystyniak.

– I would tell such a young man, take a loan and invest in the equipment yourself. I had it when I moved to the Polish community in Piła. I chose such a deal that I will get more for my points, but I have to invest in myself. So I went to the bank. However, I believed in myself and knew my worth – concluded Krzystyniak.

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