Speedway: We know what the Unia Leszno and Kolejarz Rawicz had argued about

– I am a fan of Unia Leszno and I will always be one. In recent years, I have been a strong supporter of this club and have been in the sponsorship sector. But now it’s over. I will go to the stadium, but as in childhood, I will sit in the sector by the tunnel. As for the cooperation between the clubs, this year it turned out that Kolejarz Rawicz could not be promoted to the play-offs. That is why we are now doing the club on our own, because thanks to this we will be able to start in the play-offs – admitted the president Sławomir Knop directly in Magazyn Żużel.

At the end of the season, the activist quarreled quite strongly with the authorities of Unia Leszno, who refused to let their speedway riders go to the 2nd league matches during the most important games of the season. – Other matches could be postponed, and somehow it was not possible. It was possible to get along and postpone matches in the 2nd league. I am sure that if three young players went in the playoffs for Koeljarz, the result would be a much better result, and maybe we would even win the playoffs. Someone brushed it up and actually prevented us from driving in the play-offs. It pains me to this day and that is why I decided to become more involved in Rawicz – admitted Knop, who for years was a very good colleague of the President of the Union, Piotr Rusiecki. Now both gentlemen have much worse relations.

Let us recall that in this year’s play-offs, Rawicz played without Kacper Pludra, Krzysztof Sadurski, Damian Ratajczak and Jaimon Lidsey. The participation of these players in matches against Landshut Devils could significantly change the balance of power and contribute to the victory of Rawicz. Ultimately, without their help, Kolejarz fell in Germany 30:60, and in the rematch on his own track he lost again 40:50.

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