Speedway: Włókniarz Częstochowa can offer Rune Holcie good financial conditions

Although the authorities of the club in Częstochowa deny that they consider such a move and trust the players with whom they signed contracts in recent weeks, it is unofficially known that the variant with Holta’s employment is strongly taken into account. In conversations with the player, for now, in jokes, the first proposals for a new contract were to be made.

If Włókniarz wanted to hire Holta, he would most likely decide on a contract without the amount for the signature, but with very high earnings for each point earned. In the case of such an offer, a Norwegian with a Polish passport could count on up to eight thousand zlotys per point. It may turn out that such an offer will be unbeatable for clubs from lower leagues and Holt will actually decide to write the next chapter in his adventure with Włókniarz.

A year ago, when Holta played for this club in PGE Ekstraliga, he scored 83 points for him. The level of the games has not increased dramatically since then and Holta is still in great shape. Additionally, in the next season, inhabitants of Częstochowa can safely count on promotion to the play-offs and even six matches in this phase. If that happened, Holta would have a chance of scoring up to a hundred points.

However, even in the minimalist version, i.e. assuming 83 points, it may turn out that Holta would earn at least PLN 660,000 in Częstochowa. In order to earn comparable money in eWinner 1. LŻ, Holta would not only have to play in virtually all matches of the tournament, but also present no worse form than this year. It is known, however, that a Norwegian with a Polish passport feels best on the tracks in Rybnik and Częstochowa, and on other venues it does not have to be so easy for him.

Holcie in Częstochowa could even pay off with a deal in which he appears in all Włókniarz’s home matches, and gives Jonas Jeppesen a place in the squad for trips.

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