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In the words of Phil Spencer, Microsoft wants to manage the brand of call of Duty like that of Minecraft, thus making the series accessible on as many platforms as possible, including consoles Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. All of course provided that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through.

The head of the Xbox division said it during an interview with the Wall Street Journal, where he also talked about a possible price increase of the Xbox Series X | S and Game Pass, revealing among other things that the flagship service of Xbox is generating profits.

“Call of Duty in particular will be available on PlayStation. I’d love to see it on Switch, I’d love to see the game on many different screens,” Spencer said.

Asked why then Bethesda games, such as Starfield and the upcoming The Elder Scrolls, will only be released on Xbox and PC, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division explained that each platform has its own exclusives, but that as far as Call of Duty is concerned. Microsoft’s goal is to treat it like Minecraftbringing the series to as many devices as possible.

“When we acquired Minecraft I believe it was available on 12 platforms and now it is on 22 platforms. Our intent is to treat Call of Duty in a very similar way to what we did with Minecraft.”

In the meantime, the investigations of the antitrust bodies of various countries around the world on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft continue. The English CMA, the body that has proved most dubious about the maneuver so far, now wants to hear the opinions of the players.

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