Spider-Man 4: A Real Story for Shocker at Last?

Spider-Man: No Way Home led to a chaotic end to the course of Peter Parker Of tom holland, resuming his adventures anew. without friends, family and colleagues the avengersHere she is left alone in a dilapidated apartment to rebuild her life Spider Man, The launch of a new story allows new stories to – Perhaps A dark side. Especially since whatever relations Weaver had with his opponents are now gone – vulture after joining the universe Sony Together Morbius, Kraven and Rhino Whereas Michael Mando ,Scorpion) And Bokem Woodbine ,shocking) are still waiting their turn to become something other than the characters they introduced, without getting the stability they deserve.

For scumbagThe fans were unhappy with the way he was treated homecoming, For Spider-Man’s return to the big screen, Miracle Did a great job introducing us to the three villains: Vulture, Tinkerer and Shocker, The latter was also presented as a Lambda human armed only with a gauntlet to generate shock waves. first appeared under the identity of jackson bryceThe scumbag then becomes what we know, namely Hernan Schultz,

In homecomingThe scumbag benefit from the gauntlet crafted by tinkerer recovering from old technology Chitauri ,the avengers, It can send an electrical pulse without actually taking any damage. However, the heart of the character lies in her large and padded outfit – Schulz When it rotates electromagnetic waves are actually being moved around.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Marvel Studios

spider man 4 This would be a great way to give the character the continuity it deserves. After their adventures in space, we risk finding some more Spider Man As ” good neighborhood spider “and a little more with the supervisors” from road, whether Sony Intended to give pride of place to unknown characters in the universe – especially Madame Web and El Muerto – it’s hard to imagine kevin feige and upper rungs of mcu Don’t give prominence to popular Spider-Verse villains. And many possibilities have started emerging.

think of something new poison ,No Way Home post-credits scene shows part of the Symbiote abandoned in New York in the MCU universe), The Scary Of ned leeds to add a strong emotional dimension spider man 4 or even Scorpio Which will be reused for this occasion. Although scumbag There’d be an excellent choice as we’re in on a villain who’s primarily driven by his own self-interest – and his criminal side could clash with new objectives as the need arises. Peter Parker, But scumbag It would be a good idea on one condition: that his character be reinvented with a more solid background than before. homecoming,

Meanwhile, while Spider-Man 4 doesn’t have a release date yet, the next Spider-Verse related film will be Bloody Kraven, which will hit theaters on October 4, 2023.

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