Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse details his new Vulture

A new video of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse shows an extended look at the film’s Renaissance-inspired Vulture, voiced by Jorma Taccone Of The Lonely Island.

A representative of TheWrap saw the footage during a visit to Sony Pictures Animation and reportedly includes a frantic and fast-paced battle between the new character of Spider Woman/Jessica Drew (Issa Rae) and an alternate Vulture from a dimension where everything resembles Renaissance Italy. The fight takes place at the Guggenheim in New York and the Vulture has an art style markedly different from that of its surroundings, reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The footage is not yet available online, but it was shown earlier this year at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

However, a glimpse of this fight can potentially be seen in the recent trailer for the film. In the back of the trailer, at about 1:35, it shows Jessica Drew ride his bike in the air towards a completely sepia-toned Vulture. He throws a web at the Vulture and then uses the web as a slingshot to slam the bike directly into the Vulture’s head, spinning the rear wheel into his face before landing. This Renaissance-era Vulture has a Venetian bird mask, a full beard and sideburns, and period dress with puffed sleeves. Notably, he also has huge steampunk wings that look like inventions from Da Vinci’s journals. Rather than the Guggenheim, the backdrop for this moment resembles the dimensional portals seen elsewhere in the trailer.

A return to the cinematic Spider-Verse

Across the Spider-Verse is the sequel to 2018’s hit Into the Spider-Verse. The new film follows Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) as he travels across the multiverse and encounters an interdimensional group of peacemaking Spider-People led by Spiderman 2099 (Oscar Isaac). A new threat drives a divide between the council on how best to protect the Multiverse, and Miles is soon faced with Spider-Man 2099 and the huge group of Spider-People following him. The movie will report Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld) e Peter Parker adult (Jake Johnson), while introducing several new villains such as The Maquis (Jason Schwartzman) and the aforementioned Renaissance Vulture.

It’s not the first time the Spider-Verse series has remixed a classic villain. In Into the Spider-Verse there was a Doctor Octopus alternate female, voiced by Kathryn Hahn. This Doc Ock used translucent octopus arms reminiscent of the modern field of “soft robotics,” which focuses on flexible robots that move like real organisms. That film also included a massive, dragon-like Green Goblin who was inspired in part by the Ultimate Green Goblin.

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