Spider-Man: Does the Far From Home Producer Unveil New Villains on the Way?


Amy Pascal, producer of Spider-Man: Far From Home, seems to be making precise references regarding the possible new enemies of Spider-Man with the next film.

The quest continues to discover details and possible developments in the history of Spider-Man, in particular as regards the identity of the new villains that could take part in the next film, with a detail that seems an important suggestion by the Spider producer -Man: Far From Home emerged from an interview.

As always, even though these are just rumors, the information could be spoilers, so if you don’t want to have anticipations, even if very vague, you know what to do.

During a video featurette published on the occasion of the launch of Spider-Man: Far From Home in the home video version, the producer Amy Pascal made precise reference to the Sinister Six, a historical villain group against which the super-hero has clashed several times in its long history. Pascal pointed out that some of the enemies with whom Spider-Man has clashed so far in the films have been part of Sinister Six at some point in their comics story : “These enemies that we now have in our universe are actually characters that they are part of the Sinister Six “, Pascal explained,” Something could happen in this regard “.

On the other hand, Sony itself had commissioned a script about Sinister Six to Drew Goddard some time ago, also responsible for Daredevil, while remaining very well impressed. Pascal also reported that she eventually agreed on the development of such a film.

The idea that emerges is that the next Spider-Man can, therefore, deal with Sinister Six in its entirety, or in any case some of these. So far, the enemies faced that can be traced back to the group are Vulture, Shocker, Tinkerer, Scorpion, and Mysterio, although some of these, like Tinkerer, is probably too little characterized, there are other possible introductions that could characterize the next Spider-Man.

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