Spider-Man: Far from Home Writers on Sam Wilson’s Failed Cameo

Captain America

While Spider-Man: Far From Home begins its box office run, the film’s screenwriters, Erik Sommers, and Chris McKenna talked about Sam Wilson’s failed cameo in the new movie.

As you will surely know by now, during the development of the film by Jon Watts, there was the talk of the possibility of including a cameo of Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) not in the role of Falcon but in those of the new Captain America following the events of Avengers: Endgame. The cameo was put aside, and now the film’s screenwriters have revealed why in a new interview.

“We didn’t include it in the script but we definitely discussed the possibility” the two confirm, “We thought about it while we were writing the third act. It is always fun to include the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in your work. Nick Fury and Happy Hogan are characters fun to use … and I think we thought for a day or less of the possibility of including Sam Wilson. We really wanted to add it to the third act. The idea was to have Peter team up with a new team and come out as a leader and, in a certain sense, raising the bar and becoming that hero who is destined to be. So we discussed it, but nothing more “.

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