Spider-Man, Sony Closes the Doors to the MCU, the Fans Are Furious


Many Spider-Man fans have not reacted at all well to closing Sony’s return to the MCU.

Sony’s announcement that the doors to Spider-Man’s return to the MCU are now closed has literally infuriated the fans.

Sony and Disney are unable to reach an agreement, with Disney wanting more of its revenue under the current contract with Marvel. Cinecomics fans cannot, however, digest that a character like Spider-Man is now out of the MCU, which is why they started bombarding Sony with messages on social networks, inviting her, often not so kindly, to give up.

In reality, if the chronicles don’t lie, it wasn’t Sony that interrupted the negotiations, but Disney. What do you want fans to care about? By now they have identified the enemy in Sony and it is in that direction they are aiming for. The hashtag #boycottsonyspiderman has therefore regained strength, with thousands of messages addressed to the Japanese multinational to convince it to retrace its steps. Fortunately, there have also been more kind and heartfelt messages, with some who have expressed in a polite way a sincere regret for the situation, but without going beyond.

However, for now, the stalemate is complete, with Sony going its own way and Disney having to give up Spider-Man in the MCU.

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