Spit on an umpire in the face in a class A match. The union punished him with a three-year disqualification

  • On Thursday, the Lubuski Football Association in its announcement informed about the penalty for a player who spit in the face of the referee during the A-class match in Zielona Góra
  • The financial penalty and a three-year disqualification outraged the judging community, which demanded a lifetime ban for the Cuprum Czciradz football player. The sponsors of the game are also outraged
  • The injured judge announces that the case will go to court. Controversies are also raised by the exposed backstage, how the matter was handled by the discipline department of the Lubuskie Union
  • More important information can be found on the Onet homepage

The incident took place in the 26th minute of the A-class match in Zielona Góra between the teams of Cuprum Czciradz and Piast Parkovia Trzebiechów. One of the host players, who saw the red card, clearly dissatisfied with the decision, approached the referee Wojciech Ganczar and spat on his face ostentatiously. In accordance with the regulations in force, the meeting was closed due to an active insulting of the judge.

After the incident, the judiciary was in turmoil. They demanded the highest penalty for a player, which would be a lifetime ban on playing football. Meanwhile, on Thursday, a very short message appeared on the website of the Lubuskie Football Association, informing about a financial penalty and three years of disqualification for the Cuprum Czciradz football player. The laconic justification indicated that the player had committed gross unsportsmanlike behavior and a violation of bodily integrity.

– I do not know how to comment on it, so maybe I will not comment – says the injured judge Wojciech Ganczar in an interview with TVP Sport. “I didn’t know why I was summoned at all.” After all, I described everything that happened in the report and in the appendix. There were witnesses, assistant judges, and other people, and the description of the events in the appendix was also confirmed by the manager of the visiting team with his signature. But since I was called, I came. I was only asked if I confirmed what I wrote and if I was supporting that I was spit. Of course, I confirmed and upheld it. Other witnesses also confirmed this.

The whole situation happened on November 13, but the proceedings of the Discipline Department of the LZPN lasted three weeks. Not only the judge, but also the sponsors of the local tournaments complain about the slowness in the activities of the Lubuskie union.

– We will contact the authorities of the Lubuskie Football Association, we will convey to them our disapproval for delaying the decision on the referee’s spitting, because in such situations quick reactions are needed. Their lack is associated with indulgence towards phenomena that we do not accept. We will see what the reaction of the LZPN will be. I will also contact the president and management of our company. Values ​​such as respect are the most important to us – emphasized in an interview with TVP Sport the director of one of the companies sponsoring Lubuskie football.

– We do not want to be associated with violence in football or such incidents as spitting on a referee. This is damnable and requires decisive action. We do not tolerate such incidents. I express my dissatisfaction with this situation and we will react in this matter – added the sponsor who sent a special letter to the union demanding specific and tough decisions.

The way the incident was handled by the discipline department of the union in Lubuskie is also controversial. During the first two sessions, there were no judges, and the members of the department talked only to the player concerned and representatives of both teams. The referees were only summoned to the third meeting, and a few hours later a message appeared on the association’s website informing about a three-year disqualification for the footballer.

The size of the sentence certainly does not satisfy the aggrieved judge, who promises to refer the case to court.

It was not a mere violation of bodily integrity. It was a spit. Right in the face. In the face of the judge – adds Ganczar in an interview with TVP Sport.

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