Splinter Cell Behind the Front, No New Chapter in Development

Splinter Cell Behind the Front, No New Chapter in Development

Apparently, the rumors that they wanted a new Splinter Cell in development were completely false, according to other internal publisher voices.

Apparently, Ubisoft is not developing any new Splinter Cells. The rumors spread in recent months would, therefore, be completely false and those expecting some announcement for E3 2019 will be deeply disappointed. This is what the usual well-informed Jason Schreier of Kotaku said in the last episode of the Splitscreen podcast, who said he talked to some sources inside Ubisoft who categorically denied the existence of the game. 

Schreier: “I asked several people about Splinter Cell because many would like to know if a new chapter is coming. Everyone I spoke to answered no and as far as they know, there is no Splinter game Cell in production. “

Let’s imagine the disappointment of many fans of the Ubisoft stealth series, who were hoping for the return of Sam Fisher on the videogame scene, also considering the many teasers and easter eggs scattered by the publisher himself in his titles. However, if in the two-year period 2019/2020 a new Splinter Cell will not be released, the series will have skipped the entire generation. The last chapter to be published was in fact Splinter Cell Blacklist for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii U, dating back to August 2013.

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