Splinter Cell like Halo Infinite? The creators are to create “a more stealthy version of Assassin’s Creed”

There are more leaks about the new installment of the Splinter Cell series. The game is to be in the early stage of development and at least for now – the developers are to develop an open world similar to the one from Halo Infinite.

We wrote about the return of the Splinter Cell brand on the portal in October. It was then that Tom Henderson introduced the first information, with which Jeff Grubb partially agreed. We will have to wait even several months to confirm the details, but it turns out that work is ongoing and the insider is back with new details.

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell is in early development and is currently planned to be a … You guessed it … An open world game.

“A more stealthy version of Assassin’s Creed”

“Similar to how Halo Infinite made its open world”

On paper, the open world in the Splinter Cell series may sound bad, but if the creators approach it similarly to 343 Industries, then … It is definitely worth clarifying that in the newest Halo this concept really works, because players have the opportunity to travel around a large map, however story missions take place mainly in buildings, where we receive a very classic experience.

It is definitely worth noting that Ubisoft can actually create an adventure in which stealth is an important element – this detail should be appreciated by fans.

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