Sports sessions, boat trips, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron unrecognizable on vacation

Brigitte Macron and her husband the President of the Republic have decided to spend their summer holidays in the Var, offering themselves a bubble of oxygen away from the hectic Parisian life. During this very sporty stay, they appear totally unrecognizable.

Every year during the summer, photos of personalities on vacation flood social networks. Whether it’s famous actresses in swimsuits like Sharon Stone, Fabienne Carat or Eva Longoria, or singers including Matt Pokora who took a well-deserved break with his partner on the Côte d’Azur, and Joyce Jonathan, seen with her daughter Ghjulia… Political figures are not left out… followers by Carla Bruni were able to observe how Nicolas Sarkozy had decided to spend the summer with his friends in Greece.

THE President of the Republic has also moved away from the Parisian hustle and bustle. As every year during the summer break, he went to his state residence in Bormes les Mimosas (Var), to the very famous fort of Brégançon. Emmanuel Macron was surrounded by his wife, Brigitte Macronand the official Élysée photographer had the opportunity to capture several moments of this enmity, sometimes in the service of the State…

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A fort placed under high surveillance

Indeed, Soazig de la Moissonnière published Tuesday August 22 a series of photos taken in the Var and more precisely in the fort of Brégançon where the couple had taken up residence for twenty days. We can then observe the President of the Republic both studious in his office and surrounded by collaborators, sometimes shirtless or in the middle of a sports session. As for the First Lady, it is cap screwed on the head and the arm hanging on the railing of a boat that she appears more succinctly. Soazig de la Moissonnière had already lifted the veil on the intimacy of Emmanuel Macron last week through another shoot carried out in Bormes-les-Mimosas, on the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the liberation of the town. Celebrations had been organized, in his presence and that of his wife.

The photos of Soazig de la Moissonnière can be seen on Instagram.

To ensure the couple’s safety during their stay in the South, Fort Brégançon was transformed into a “true fortress”, “difficult to access but constantly monitored and surrounded” according to our colleagues fromEuropean 1 who questioned Christian Prouteau, the founder of the security group of the Presidency of the Republic (GSPR). “There is security which is physical on the fort itself, with a few people who are there to take turns night and day. To monitor the aerial environment, we are in six and eight people who turn permanently he revealed to our colleagues, suggesting thatbetween 12 and 14 people were employed full time to carry out the mission.

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