Sports stories: Caitlyn Jenner (2021) – review, opinions about the movie (Netflix).

This time, we’re listening to Caitlyn Jenner’s stories about the past when she was known as Bruce Jenner, winning the Olympic decathlon gold medal at the Montreal Games. We also learn about what she felt, thought, what she was afraid of and what her relations with others looked like before and after the transition.

Sports Tales: Caitlyn Jenner (2021) - Movie Review (Netflix)

Sports Tales: Caitlyn Jenner (2021) – Movie Review (Netflix). Twice the strength

As it has been said, Sports Stories: Caitlyn Jenner this is the third episode of the Netflix series. Very successful in my opinion, because both The Brawl in The Palace and The Deal with the Devil were very interesting documentary productions. It is the same in this case.

As in the previous episode, I had the opportunity to learn more about a sport I have no idea about. Back then it was women’s boxing, this time decathlon. To be honest, I was not even aware that there was such a thing, and I listened with even more interest about what competitions it consists of and how difficult it is to find the right balance in training. It turns out that some elements require strength, others lightness and agility, others above all speed and precision. The more difficult it is to prepare properly and distribute forces, especially since the whole thing takes place in just two days. It is therefore a murderous sport.

Sports Stories: Caitlyn Jenner is a story about how important sport can be. Not only because you can test yourself, prove something to yourself – and to others -, break a record and achieve success. In the case of the film’s heroine, it was also a kind of valve. From childhood, she felt different, she could not fully define her identity, she was looking for acceptance, recognition and belonging. Decathlon and sacrificing almost everything to achieve her goal made Caitlyn able to function. Of course, the question arises, not only in this case, what if you win this dream medal? Somehow you have to live on and move on.

In the case of Caitlyn it was much more difficult, a lot of changes had taken place in her life, she became recognizable almost overnight. All the time, however, it was something substitute, because the thought of her own identity did not leave her even for a moment. Sports Stories: Caitlyn Jenner it is primarily an interesting and not easy story about finding who you really are, trying to live in harmony with yourself. About how much it costs when you can’t do it and how much strength it often takes to make the right steps towards simply happiness. Despite various successes, not only in the field of sports, Caitlyn was unhappy for a long time. But she has decided to fight for herself, and there is something great about watching someone feel so good in their own skin. I really do not know why anyone would be disturbed by this, so I would like to remind the commentators that this is not your life, nothing changes in it, and if you have any problem, you do not have to watch it.

However, I would encourage you to do so because Sports Stories: Caitlyn Jenner is a well-made documentary that tells an interesting story. If I had to fault anything, I’d say that both the topic of people’s reaction to Caitlyn’s decision to transition and her relationships with her loved ones have been treated a bit neglectfully. On the other hand, it may be due to the fact that some things are not shown and talked about because they are too private. This just needs to be respected. So are the life and decisions of Caitlyn Jenner.

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