Sportsnet Premiere: Pierre-Luc Dubois and Will Smith in Montreal

– Sportsnet denies CH is out for Pierre-Luc Dubois

– Montreal is still the favorite for the network…

– If Will Smith is not available at No. 5, Montreal will select David Rickenbacker.

According to Sportsnet, 100 percent insurance…

– which of course dismisses Matvey Michkov.

– Even then..

– The Journal de Montreal confirms that CH maintains the secret …

– Having said that we don’t even know if Montreal will meet the Russian before the DRAFT.

– Forgiveness?

– If Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton don’t even meet the Russian…

– This would be the shame of the decade…

Involved by the Journal, a source in the team’s entourage preferred not to provide details on the Habs’ plans on the subject so as not to reveal their cards a week before the June 28 first round. (Montreal newspaper)

This is not surprising. Behind-the-scenes games and teams keeping their intentions secret have always been a part of the draft, especially if there are rumors that Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is currently trying to move on.

It would be rather surprising if the Canadian, currently the fifth-ranked pick in the first round, doesn’t try to address the expectation that many see his rank slipping in the first round.

Especially since it’s been hard to find this season. Last week, Elliot Friedman of the Sportsnet network noted that several teams had tried in vain to speak with him during the season, despite the fact that he had made an appointment with the team to speak with Michkov.

“What teams are asking right now: Is Michkov a priority? Is there one or more teams where he wants to go and he tries to maneuver to make that happen?


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