Spotify Ranking in Ecuador: Top 10 of the most popular podcasts

Spotify has become one of the most important platforms in the world because of its extensive catalog of music and podcasts. (Information)

Podcasts are audio products that are available as files or through streaming platforms such as Spotify and One of its great advantages is that the user can listen to it whenever he wants and as many times as he wants.,

Just as people in the new millennium can access news from their country by watching media applications or movie catalogs from their cell phones, they can also enjoy Listen to news, stories, stories, interviews among others Through their mobile devices without being glued to their screens and with the possibility of doing other tasks simultaneously.

In order not to waste much time deciding which podcast to listen to, here is a list audio productions Most Popular at the moment via Spotify.

1. Naked Psychology | sai.mammoliti

In this podcast we talk about emotions. From Your Inner System: Why do you do what you do? Why can’t you express some feelings and can others? Why do you feel bad sometimes? Why are there things that cause you pain, that evoke fear, indifference, or that bring you joy? How to control your emotions to feel balanced? Emotional management is the key to living a meaningful life. And it’s in your hands to learn it! The gateway to this process? Naked Psychology. From the hands of clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti.

2. Marion Rojas Estape Podcast

Marion Rojas Estape, doctor and psychotherapist, joins us in this podcast to help us understand the fundamental aspects that affect our physical and mental health every day. Understanding is relatable and thus he shows us in each episode from his experience and knowledge; In which you will find advice on how to live more harmoniously through knowledge of our body, our mind, our behavior and our emotional world. You’ll understand that there may be a way to ‘make good things happen to you’, you’ll learn about cortisol, the reticular system, oxytocin, the prefrontal cortex, and you’ll have the tools you need to recognize what’s around you. People of The Marian Rojas Esthap Podcast is an exclusive podcast on Spotify. Credits: Script and Voiceover: Marian Rojas Estape Production: Editorial España Direction: Sergio García Genez and Sara Aiello Recording: Margot Martin Editing: José David Delpuyo (Listen)

3. I bought you flowers

I’m your best friend and you just told me that you feel uncomfortable, confused or that you just want to take a moment to talk about everything you feel and you don’t know how to say it Is. Obviously I run to your house, but on the way “I bought you flowers”. Mara tells what she thinks of this podcast: “A safe time with friends who are like flowers they bring you to make you feel better” Thank you for being here, I love you so much . – Marourbine

4. Night Tales

In the tradition of Radio Classics, here are the stories, tales and legends of living on the streets of Mexico and Latin America.

5. From Shunsho to Crack – with Nico Munoz

We are all Shunsho in one way or another, success is in improving ourselves Podcast with NicolasRamunoz Lessons Tools for the day to day

6. Sesame

El Topo is an interview podcast in which we discuss tough topics. We talk to characters who have fascinating ways of thinking and living. We touch on subjects that move us all but which are usually covered with a layer of shame, ignorance or fear. Listen to the second season of Dosis, another original non-fiction podcast, in any app or on our website: https: www. lanofiction.compodcastdosis

7. Doubts go away

We are Lily and Ash and together we created Se Reglan Dudas, a project that was born as a podcast between two friends and aims to question everything around you, make more informed decisions and help you in this endless journey An ecosystem of tools has formed to support it. The self is called love. We invite experts from a variety of disciplines and people we admire on the podcast to bring a variety of perspectives that help us broaden our spectrum. If you would like to participate in a podcast or would like to know who would like to, fill out this form. Hear us every Tuesday and Thursday on audio platforms or with videos on YouTube! Send us an audio with your doubts, stories or existential questions at sereglandudas.combuzon apply podcast episodes and talk with us all over the network, we as Sereglandudas and sign up for free to our newsletter. Although we are not mental health professionals, we do have a Help Directory where you can find support from professionals for all kinds of situations, find it at sereglandudas.comayuda and remember you are not alone! We have a book club where we read a book each month and have weekly community discussions with people from all over the world. Sign up here for our weekly talks and get all our recommended books here. Find us in the network as libros.seregalandudas. We have published two books: Giveaway Doubts and Awakening. Get our self-love merchandise at Ámate. We make other podcasts that are part of our production company Dudas Media. Find them at: Waking Up Podcast, Sleeping Podcast and 10 Women. Hosted on Acast. See acast.comprivacy for more information.

8. English from scratch

Learn English for free with English from scratch with native speakers. Visit https:

9. TED Talks Daily

Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Alice Hu for thought-provoking thoughts on everything from artificial intelligence to zoology, and more, delivered by the world’s leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, take some time out of your day to change your perspective, spark your curiosity, and learn something new.

10. Daily Inspiration by Prerna

Daily Motivation by Motiversity is the official channel of Motiversity’s motivational speeches in Spanish. Moversity is the leading media company for some of the best motivational speakers in the world. We coach Penn, Marcus A. Produces and publishes exclusive, high-quality edited original speeches from speakers such as Taylor, Billy Ellsbrooks, Dr. Jessica Houston, and more. Our goal is to keep you motivated so that you can reach your goals and achieve your dreams. We strive to make your day better and make the most out of it. Whether you’re studying, exercising, or just feeling uninspired, we’ve got the best motivational speeches for you! We post 1-2 episodes per week. Motiversity YouTube channel is linked to our website Check out for more ways to stay motivated. Hosted on Acast. See acast.comprivacy for more information.

*Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

Podcasts have found a resurgence among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (Kauman/Unsplash)

Podcast is an audio product which has a defined periodicity and can be composed of several episodes, although it originated on the radio, today those who prefer this format can find it on internet pages or on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Although podcasts began as a discussion between various participants on a particular topic, with the passage of time the ways of doing them have diversified and now one person or a group can speak, similarly, they are used not only to exchange points. – Used as a place to provide. of view, but also includes styles Interview like the #EnCasaDeMara podcast where he asks various characters questions like eddie smallone of two NovelAs with the suspense story Chili Podcast Case 63Or deal with issues of science, politics, journalism, well-being among others.

The term “podcast” was first used on 12 February 2004. In an article by The Guardian journalist Ben Hammersley in which he talked about how economically viable it was to make a radio show online and have users access it whenever they wanted.

Although there is much debate as to when the first podcast emerged in history, many experts have pointed out that the idea was evident from the time podcasts were created. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870When intellectuals of the time such as Philippe Hubert, Octave Uzain or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would end up “reading books, newspapers and magazines with their eyes closed” and even mothers telling stories to children before bedtime Will shut it down

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms out there. (Spotify)

swedish company Spotify In November 2020, the purchase and acquisition of advertising and podcast platform Megaphone was announced for $235 million, which served to monetize audio and lead to the flourishing of this type of production, becoming one of the preferred formats for 2022.

Last year, Spotify’s podcast offering expanded into new markets And recorded the existence of more than four million podcasts, although some managed to leave a big mark and become the most popular in 2022.

Worldwide, the title leading the most reproduced ranking was Joe Rogan ExperienceWhich also added to its third consecutive year as a favorite podcast.

His number comes in the list of most listened call her daddy by Alex Cooper; located on the third stage Anything Goes With Emma ChamberlainA future Spotify exclusive that touches on a wide variety of tracks from the popular American producer.

chile audio series case 63 It was one of them that managed to lead the most reproduced ranking for weeks and earned fourth place worldwide. This Spanish podcast was also dubbed into Portuguese, Brazilian, Hindi and English.

At number five is the True Crime podcast crime junkie Voiced by Ashley Flowers and Britt Pravat.

The coronavirus pandemic not only benefited podcasts by increasing their number of users, but also Audiobooks also added more users on various platforms, including Spotify, as it is estimated that they could leave annual profits of up to $70 billion.

streaming platform where audiobooks increased by 20%Hollywood has turned to book narration with celebrity voices.

Its rise may also stem from criticism of the ease with which the platform has allowed podcasters to speak, falling into misinformation errors amid a pandemic, as was the case with Joe RoganDue to which the company also suffered a loss of up to $ 2.1 million.

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