spotted a white model in an advertisement for Logitech –

The frame with the white Xbox Series X

The frame with the white Xbox Series X

Looking at the advertising “Rule the Game” for Logitech’s ASTRO A30 Wireless headphones, some users have identified an interesting detail towards the second 00.14: on the shelf of the girl in the center of the scene there is a Xbox Series X from White color. Below you can see the video:

Since launch in November 2020, the Xbox Series X has only been black (special editions aside) and Microsoft has never announced alternative colors. Seeing it in white has therefore surprised many, who have begun to speculate on the possible arrival of at least one new color of the console.

In truth, it is better not to rush too much, because the one in the movie could simply be a special body made ad hoc for advertising. In fact, looking at the scene it is easy to see how white is the dominant color. Probably a black Xbox Series X would have cracked too much.

However, it is not excluded that it could really be something that Microsoft will announce in the coming days or weeks. Maybe it’s something related to the arrival of Christmas, where having more colors can be convenient from a commercial point of view.

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