Spouses stingy, organize the wedding in a winery but forbid the wines to the guests

They invested everything in the location but left the guests dry-mouthed. Weddings are known to take place in a variety of places: castles, gardens and villas. The wedding venue will be the background of every photo, which is why it is an important choice for the bride and groom to make. And on this decision a bride and a groom were criticized. They invited their 100 loved ones to an elegant winery, but banned anyone from tasting the local wines.

Abstemious marriage

The couple served sparkling grape juice for the wedding toast and offered only tea, water or lemonade for the remainder of the reception. “It was all embarrassing and tacky”. In a post published on Reddit by one of the guests entitled “Dry wedding in the winery, and it can be said that the guests did not expect it”, what happened is revealed: I went to a wedding with a friend last year as plus one. I thought ‘beautiful is in a winery, there will be wine and fun and everyone will have a blast’“. But so she didn’t go. Well, it turns out that while the ceremony was beautiful in the vineyard, it was also freezing cold, in October in the Upper Midwest (in the US) it can get really cold..

No alcohol for the wedding guests

Now the guest goes into the details of the reception. The drinks were served well – all 3 options. Lemonade, tea and water. The food was the simplest and most bland buffet I’ve ever seen. It could be said that they wasted all their money on the site. But how can you get married in a winery and NOT give alcohol to drink? Even the toast was sparkling grape juice. I understand. Some people don’t care about alcohol but man, it was weird. A party in a magnificent place, which nevertheless never took off. “So, people ate, stood and no one was really vibrating. The “DJ” was a guy with a cell phone connected. It was a decent sized ceremony with maybe 100 people in attendance. After the meal and the speeches it was time for the dances, but they ended immediately. Half of the people left immediately. It was early, around 6pm and when I looked around there were only 15 people left at most. It was just super awkward. And then finally the guest launches a piece of advice to the newlyweds: Please tell guests if it’s a dry wedding. Please.

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