[SPT #192] Wireless Android Auto for almost every car!

January is in full swing, which means that pupils and students are about to return to full-time education. If during this pandemic time you have missed important information from the world of technology, it’s time to catch up. Last week there were many new products from CES. I like them the most news from Razer and wireless Android Auto. I invite you to the next edition of SPT – a subjective summary of the week.

Praise – Razer and Wireless Android Auto

Razer Project Sophia. This Razer project really captivated me. The desktop computer is supposed to take the form of a table with futuristic controllers. All the most important parts of the hardware will be hidden under the table top. The user will be able to replace them with new ones, when he wants to update, for example, the graphics card. Creators, players and people working remotely will find something for themselves in this equipment. If this is what the desktop PCs of the future are to look like, then I’m all for it!

Windows Media Player in a new version. Microsoft’s iconic program has finally undergone a metamorphosis. The Redmond giant has been promoting another media playback app for a while – it’s Groove. This time, however, Microsoft decided to refresh Windows Media Player, the appearance of which already matches Windows 11. The new program began to appear in the Windows Update section. You can also download it manually.

Wireless Android Auto and news. Google surprised at CES 2022 by presenting a number of new products for the Android Auto service. The giant will develop Car Key technology that will allow you to open BMW cars. However, what I liked the most was the official Motorola accessory promoted by Google. The MA1 model will allow you to enjoy wireless Android Auto in almost every car. It is enough to have a USB connector to which we connect the protruding device. The price of the equipment is not too high – it is $ 89.95. The equipment will go on sale on January 30.

Windows 11 22H2 is a major system upgrade. In about 10 months we will see the first major update of Windows 11. We already know that there will be some significant features in it. The update is codenamed “Sun Valey 2”. Here we will see changes to the taskbar requested by users. The start menu will also be slightly improved. In addition, there will be applications adapted to the Windows 11 interface.

Microsoft Platoon is entering laptops. Microsoft Platoon is the giant’s new processor to help protect laptops from cyber attacks. The first devices with new technology are Lenovo laptops. They are models from the Z series. Other devices will also appear successively on the market.

Criticism – “Don’t look up”

The Netflix hit phenomenon. Is a swarm of stars enough for a movie to become a hit on the streaming portal? It seems that is right. This is the case with the title “Don’t look up”, which took a huge audience by storm. Last week, the film reached the top 10 in 94 countries. However, I am puzzled by the phenomenon of this film and the comedy and satirical layer that did not fully captivate me. The message is absolutely timely, but something has gone wrong with its presentation. In places the movie can be a bit irritating.

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