Squid Game in real life. The winner took home $ 456,000

The South Korean series broke all possible records of popularity this year, attracting over 111 million viewers worldwide in the first 28 days of its premiere. So it seemed a matter of time to organize an identical competition in real life.

Since then, there have been several amateur attempts to recreate the fun, but they did not meet most of the assumptions. The number of participants did not match, the prize was modest and there was no scenery. This time the fans’ expectations were fully met.

The organization of Squid Game in the real world was taken care of by Jimmy Donaldson – one of the greatest Internet developers, known under the pseudonym MrBeast. The entire production cost USD 3.5 million, i.e. over PLN 14.5 million.

The American perfectly reproduced the sets from the Netflix series, which are simply breathtaking. The whole thing looked amazing and left a huge impression on the audience.

Exactly 456 daredevils took part in the game and fought for the top prize of 456,000 dollars. Of course, the players who were eliminated did not end the game by losing their own lives, as was the case with the original.

In some events, minor changes were introduced due to the common knowledge of the rules and it must be admitted that it was done with almost perfect sensitivity. In the honeycomb, the participants blindly chose the shapes they would engrave, and pairs of people who knew each other were deliberately selected to play marbles.

After four competitions, an additional – training – was introduced to eliminate most of the participants. However, the final itself was played in a game well-known from Polish weddings – hot chairs. The winner of the entire tournament collected as much as $ 456,000, which amounts to nearly 2 million Polish zlotys.

The video documenting the game was posted on YouTube and it is already breaking popularity records. Chances are good that it will outperform the original production in terms of number of views.


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