Squid Game smuggler sentenced to death. The student received a life sentence

  • Squid Game, one of Netflix’s latest hits, has been illegally distributed in North Korea for some time
  • Last year, the government passed a law here on “the elimination of reactionary thought and culture.” Watching, storing or distributing foreign productions is punishable by death
  • Radio Free Asia reports the first such sentence: sentenced to death before the firing squad was a smuggler of illegal copies of “Squid Game”. Other people, including students, who purchased and watched a series banned in this country were also punished
  • North Korean public concerns are concerned about the fate of high school students. More people may be involved in the investigation
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The Squid Game has been spreading rapidly across North Korea for some time, despite strenuous efforts by the authorities. Earlier there had been information that residents were secretly watching the program at night under blankets on portable media players.

Independent news agency Radio Free Asia, based in the US, reports that the authorities managed to detain a smuggler who imported illegal copies of the series from China on pendrives. He was sentenced to death before a firing squad. Other people will also be punished.

“The student who bought the disc was sentenced to life imprisonment, while six other people who watched the show were sentenced to five years of hard labor, and their teachers and school administrators were fired and threatened to be sent to work in distant mines,” reports RFA.

Moreover, it was reported that there was considerable public concern about the fate of North Korean high school students. More people may be involved in the investigation. Industry portal Variety has contacted Netfliks for comment on the matter.

Contrary to the efforts of the North Korean authorities, the series is gaining more and more popularity. “For the inhabitants, every day is a fight to the death, just like in this series” – previously reported Radio Free Asia. The series is popular especially among the rich, but also among young people. “One of the characters is a North Korean runaway and may identify with her.”

Recall that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, in the past called South Korean pop culture “malignant cancer”by banning Korean series and K-Pop music. Those who do not comply with the ban may even be imprisoned. Last year, the North Korean government passed a law “to eliminate reactionary thought and culture,” which even puts the death penalty for viewing, storing or distributing foreign productions.

Photo: Netflix

“Squid Game”

North Korea’s regime website Arirang Meari already in October published an article whose author wrote about “credible portrayal of the hideous reality of the capitalist South”.

“The” Squid Game “series makes people aware of the sad reality of a beastly South Korean society, where people are forced to extreme competition by ridding themselves of humanity. Corruption, decay of morality and violence are commonplace here, and citizens are treated as pawns used for political ends” – says the production review, which is in fact a propaganda critique of capitalism and democracy.

The Squid Game’s impact on pop culture is enormous, although not always positive. Many fans from all over the world try to imitate the dangerous games they have seen on the show or try to create their own challenges. This was the case in Great Britain.

“Squid Game”. What is the show about?

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a loser, penniless and no idea for a life, calls a number on a business card that shows a circle, a triangle and a square. Moments later, he wakes up in an unknown place. In this strange location, with pastel colors on the walls and graphics like from a comic book, 455 other participants gather.

Before the game starts, all participants will hear: “If you want to withdraw, please let us know now.” They have a choice, but do not raise objections because of the chance of winning a large cash prize. Each of them found themselves in a desperate life situation.

But once the game starts, we won’t hear any laughter. Pretty soon, the arena will turn into a chaotic scene filled with screams. Who moves – drops out. It falls off, that is, it is killed by a sniper bullet. And since the game has already begun, the only option is to win it. In order to survive and win the prize, the participants resort to trickery. Who will ultimately win this crazy competition? As intriguing as the end result is also how participants will fight for the prize and, of course, survival.

This is how “Squid Game” starts.

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