Stadio Roma, Berardi: “We have presented a project for everyone, not just for the fans”, Gualtieri: “We will immediately activate the service conference” (PHOTO and VIDEO)

Today is an important day for the Roma stadium. At 12 the CEO Berardi brought the documentation of the feasibility study of the plant, which should be built in Pietralata, to the Capitol. A structure with 60-65 thousand seats, without support systems. The CEO of Rome and the mayor Gualtieri, after the ritual declarations, returned to work to establish the timing, even if the hope remains 2027, the year of the Giallorossi centenary. Below is the chronicle of the meeting with the statements of Berardi and the Mayor.

From the Capitol
Giacomo Emanuele Di Giulio

The live

13.36 – Mayor Gualtieri reiterates what was declared at the end of the summit also on its social networks.

We have just received from the AS Roma CEO, Pietro Berardi, the technical-economic feasibility project for the new stadium in Pietralata. We thank the company for the respect of the times, the seriousness and also the quality of the dialogue it has had up to now with our offices and with the administration, for what, clearly, is an investment of great importance for the whole city. With equal seriousness, we will immediately activate the services conference to review and evaluate this project.

Photo from Roberto Gualtieri’s Facebook profile

12.36 – At the end of the presentation in the Campidoglio, the Mayor of Rome also spoke to the microphones of those present Roberto Gualtieri.

“We have just received from the CEO Berardi the technical-economic feasibility study of the Pietralata stadium. We thank the company for the seriousness, the quality and the dialogue between the administration and Rome. This is undoubtedly an investment of great importance for the whole city. With equal seriousness we will activate the services conference immediately to review and evaluate this project. Thank you all”.

12.30 – The Rome CEO Berardi he made some statements on the sidelines of the recently concluded summit at the Capitol.

“We have presented a stadium for the city. On behalf of the company, I am very proud to have presented this project. We already said we were going to present something around this time and here we are. I want to thank the mayor Gualtieri and his team very much for the excellent work done and it is a pleasure to speak with a board of this level. There was a team effort. We presented a stadium idea not only for Roma fans but for the city. A stadium that will not be open and alive only for the two hours of the match but the stadium would have a life throughout the year. “

12.22 pm – Alessandro Onorato, Councilor for Tourism, Major Events and Sports also arrives on site.

12.08 – The meeting in the Capitol begins.

11.54 – Arrive at the Capitol Berardiaccompanied by Lorenzo Vitalithe Friedkin lawyer (from 2020), and Lucia Bernabéconsultant of the Giallorossi for institutional relations.

11.50 am – The CEO of Rome Berardi to present the feasibility project of the new Roma stadium.


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