STANLEY thermos bottles are already on sale in Liverpool: these are their prices and models

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Stanley thermos bottles have become a trend. That’s because a woman took a video explaining that her car was on fire and was completely destroyed, but the thermos was intact and even had ice in it.

With this, the brand not only decided to give it another car, but also showed it off on its social networks and since then they have been looking around the world to own one thermos Fortunately, products of this brand are already available in Mexico, but how much do they cost? Here we tell you.

How much does a Stanley thermos cost? What models are there?

A few months ago people could only order thermos bottles from Amazon, but now Liverpool are selling them in a different way color and price The following is:

  • Stanley stainless steel thermos with disc top 473 ml

The thermos is blue and includes a 9.5cm cap opener, perfect for beer and cheap too 679 pesos.

  • Stanley Classic Series Stainless Steel Three-Piece Beer Mug

473ml thermos includes black glass, lid and bottle opener.Its cost is 679 pesos.

  • Stanley Classic Series Stainless Steel Thermos with Flip Top 887 ml

The size of the thermos is 24 cm, the color is salmon, and the price is 929 pesos.

  • Stanley Classic Series Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle with Flip Top 650ml

650ml capacity, available in blue, white and salmon colours, priced at 879 pesos.

  • Stanley Classic Series Stainless Steel Twist Cap Thermos Bottle 950ml

It’s dark green and has a lid so you can serve coffee or any other beverage you keep and it’s priced at One thousand 79 pesos.

if you want one Glass or thermosthen don’t wait any longer and buy it now because everyone will definitely want a Stanley and they will be running out soon.

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