Stanowski scolds Najman for MMA-VIP and the boss “Słowik”

The MMA-VIP 4 promotional conference ended with a scandal, pyskówka and well-thought-out action by Krzysztof Stanowski. During the event announcing the gala of the freakfighting organization with which Marcin Najman cooperates, it was announced who the boss of the project was. This is Andrzej Zieliński pseudonym. “Słowik”, a gangster best known as one of the bosses of the Pruszków gang.

Yes, this “Nightingale” who wrecked people’s crap, their lives and their businesses, creating one of the most terrifying criminal organizations in the country. During the period of violent changes, he took advantage of the cripples of the judiciary, law enforcement agencies and politicians who helped him release from prison. The punishment served does not mean “clean slate”. It is not that after all this time we should invite such people to feast at a table full of luxuries and lead a comfortable life just because you are famous. The canons of fame have brutally changed recently and it turns out that both a pimp and a boss of the Pruszków mafia can become a celebrity.

Krzysztof Stanowski very quickly joined the discussion (if you can call it that) with Marcin Najman. The latter, in his materials, which are not even worth showing here, argued that everyone deserves a second chance. So was the harlot whom the crowd wanted to stone. Well, yes – leading a gang that murdered and maimed people is exactly the same as seriously violating God’s commandment. This was even pointed out by Krzysztof Stanowski in his materials. Najman used the card of Mateusz Borek, co-founder of Kanał Sportowy and his organization GROMDA, Fame MMA (promoted by Kanał Sportowy of a freak organization), as well as some of Stanowski’s less fortunate entries on Twitter.

Marcin Najman tried to defend himself, but all the time he was mainly based on extracting “compromising” facts from the life of Stanowski or the people who make up the Sports Channel. A day later, Krzysztof Stanowski recorded a “special” episode of Journalistic Zero, which he dedicated entirely to Marcin Najman and the MMA-VIP federation, which he literally distributed. He called on sponsors to withdraw, to terminate contracts for the lending of the facility in Kielce (which they managed to do), to boycott by the viewers. Judging by the response to this material, quite successful.

Krzysztof Stanowski in his materials refers to a great deal of aversion to combat sports in general, and especially to freakfights and related organizations. His conflict with Marcin Najman is perfectly associated in the sports community – the latter repeatedly accused the sports journalist of lying about him, and Stanowski bit back with retorts about Najman’s sports successes. There was even Hejt Park with the participation of Mateusz Borek and Marcin Najman, who were “joined” by Krzysztof Stanowski.

It turns out that Krzysztof Stanowski’s appeal was heard by people who are in some way related to the organization of the gala. The 4th edition was to take place in Kielce – the facility, however, belongs to the city. The authorities of Kielce have made a decision according to which they will not participate in cooperation with MMA-VIP. Marcin Najman decided that this was not a problem and such a gala could be held in Pruszków.

Krzysztof Stanowski has taken up an important topic that is sweeping through the celebrity community

It is ridiculous that people who 20 or 30 years ago shook Poland, leading to the tragedy of many lives – are now becoming celebrities. There are many more such cases in the show business environment than we think. Andrzej Zieliński, ps. “Nightingale” is for sure the loudest and most insolent of them. Instead of thinking about the crystallinity of Borek, Stanowski, or anyone from the Kanał Sportowy team or Weszło, let’s think about whether we really want to make a place for people like “Słowik” at a table full of privileges and lucrative contracts. The realities in Poland are currently completely different and breaking the law of “Nightingale” will not be forgiven as easily by the judiciary as it used to be. The more that his freedom is the result of the deposit paid, and currently there are pending proceedings against him.

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