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The X-Files: David Duchovny says he is always ready for new episodes of the iconic TV series

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It’s been four years since the eleventh season of The X-Files, and nearly thirty since its debut, but the star David Duchovny he’s not quite ready to leave the iconic TV seriesand especially his character Fox Mulder, claiming to be available for further seasons:
I thought the first seven years was enough! But I’m always ready to do more, of course. Someone sent me a Joel McHale clip of the 2016 episodes that aired, and it’s a perfect description of where we are six years later. I don’t think Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files) is really a seer. Forget the details of the plots, who gets pregnant or who gets shot. I mean, a show turns into a soap opera with limited options; people will die, or get pregnant, or go to jail, right? Or they become Presidents“.

He then continued: “I think it’s really hard to deal with the fate of the characters when you realize that Chris created the parent series in 1993, and then worked on it again in 2016 predicting what 2022 would be like. If he wanted to work on it again I’d love to hear about his new ones. developments. I would say to him: ‘What do you have in mind?’. Because I too would like to know the future, do you understand what I mean? It is the nature of a long-term project. In retrospect, I’d say what the show is able to thematically embrace is really the key to its longevity, and if we were to work on it again it’s just a matter of knowing what we still have to say.“.

Gillian Andersonon the other hand, seems less convinced, stating that she would return only if there were new creators, to rejuvenate the idea of TV series.

X-Files is available on Disney +.

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